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A/N: As you saw in the previous chapter and in this one. I had ******** put down a her name because 1) its a secret that you won't know until the end. and 2) because I can't come up with a name so if you have any suggestions. I'm open to anything you got. enjoy reading :)
Chapter 13 ************** "**-" she was about to say my name but I cut her off when I grabbed her arm and pulled her outside. "What are you doing here?" I hissed. I was irritated that she somehow showed up here at my Master's house. "****** you wouldn't listen to me at the store so I asked my mate to take me to your clan. When I saw your mark I knew who you belong to. The Vixx clan another royal family." "*******?" She grabbed my hand. "I really did love your brother. I never cheated on him because I had told him that I already belong to someone else. We were never dating for real only pretend because I wanted a chance to be normal and date a human. My parents arranged for my mate and I to be together. I'm sorry that this happened this way and im sorry your parents and brother were killed." She had tears in her eyes. I really couldn't find the sense to believe her. Something was off and I wasn't for sure. I needed to know what happened. "My little one?" Master N voice interrupted my thoughts.  I turned around to face him. "Hmm?" He was a few stepps away from her and I. Behind him was a good looking guy. He kissed my hand and bowed to me. "My Master N you have such a beautiful mate. My name is Master Ace from the VAV clan" he said smiling at me. I could feel Master N's emotions riase. He was going in overprotective mode. "Yes she is quite beautiful." He came and secured an arm around my waist. My brother's ex girlfriend laced her arm with the guys arm. "So what brings you here?" Master N asked. "Well I saw **--" "she saw me at the store." I said smiling at Master N but his eyes gave me a warning. "Yes, well I wanted to explain to **---" "Why I thought she was cheating on my brother but we cleared that up didn't we." I felt Master N's hand gripped my side tight. He wasn't having any patiences with me interrupting my bother's ex girlfriend. "Why do you keep interrupting me **--" "Because I don't want you to say my name. My mate doesn't know my name and the rest of them don't know either." "So you want to keep your name a secret." Ace said. "Interesting, every interesting indeed." After he said that, it went all quiet. My brother's ex girlfriend cleared her thoat. "Why dont we got cook something for the gentlemen's." I nod and led the way to the kitchen. "You changed a lot. I remember you were a quiet little girl with no dating experience or nothing but no you live with six gorgeous men that probably get you all aroused up huh?" She said. I couldn't keep the blush on my face down. "Your so naughty. I bet it was Master N?" She stated and again I couldn't keep my blush down. She laughed. When dinner was made, we ate and talked about different topics. I was relieved when they both left. Master N took me in his arms and told me that I don't have to worry anymore and that I should go get ready for bed. When I pulled the covers over there was a knock on the door. "Come in" I called out. The door opend and Master N stepped in. He came around the bed and laid beside me. His arms wrapped around me as I quickly fell asleep. ~Person Point of view~ I clenched my fist aroud my wine glass as I looked out the window of the view to my backyard. "How did this happen huh?" I asked and threw the glass at the wall. All seven of them were standing behind me with their heads bowed down. "You were supposed to kill them all off but you didn't and know she is with a clan that I can not defeat." "My lad---" one of them spoke up but I turned around and held him in the air by the neck. "Don't my lady me. I want her killed and I want it now. Now get out before I make you." I let go of him as he held his neck. His brother helped him up and all seven of them left the room. I walked towards a vase of roses. "So long *******, you will be dead once I'm through with you" I said as I rearranged the roses. I took a moment in silence then started to giggle as I threw the vase down to the floor. The roses and water was in a pile while millions of pieces of glass was shattered across the floor. I stepped on the roses and walked out of the room while laughing to myself.
ohhh shit! that was an unexpected twist...
Wtf?! Who us this crazy bish?! Damn I seriously doubt Master N will let then try and kill his mate! It seems he's grown quite attached to his 'little one', to let anything happen to her.
@LoKey oh lol its okay. Chapter 14 is going to update soon but not until next week or the week after next week. Im downing in school work and work right now.
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