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*this happened to me a few nights ago and I was wondering if you guys have had a dream that involved an idol that wasn't your "oppa".* Everything is warm, foggy and inviting. The scent of comfort and the smoothness of my bed sheets wrapping around me. Suddenly an arm wraps around my waist and pulls me into his body and he nuzzles into my tangled mess of an afro. By instinct I curl into him and rest my head on the left side of his chest and listen to his heart beat and feel his soft skin against my face. He moans softly and I look up and see Chanyeol. Pulling back in surprise all he says is 'you are so beautiful'.Then I woke up. This was actually a dream of mine! Chanyeol isn't even my favorite in Exo but I had this dream that FELT real. I even missed his arms around me when I woke up. Has this ever happened to you and am I crazy?
how is the tao queen fan fiction going
OMFG YES Lol the dream inspired my fanfic on D.O. XD
@leab259 i have a lot of finals so after that.