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TAEHYUN'S PROSPECTIVE: I am so angry, my anger cannot be described with words. The fury and distress cannot be explained either. He said to me that he would give up, that Jungkook had no interest in him because he's always so serious around him and I believed him. His face that day seemed pale with sadness and as if he had lost everything but in reality he was just faking it to mess with me. And then they ask me why I always avoid talking to him. To be more "kind", he said that Jungkook was mine for the taking but the way he said it made it sound like Jungkook was a kind of peace offering and that he no longer "wanted" him anymore. "You know how Jungkook is right? serious? quiet around me? I don't think good of it. He seems distant and he seems to hate me instead of liking me. I never really thought he would hate me but the way he spoke to me yesterday made it very clear. I guess he doesn't want me bothering him anymore since he spoke in such manner, but that's in his nature... I guess. Tae.... he's all yours. He's always normal around you and not serious but playful and loud. He isn't like that around me so why should I have him when I can't. I know you've been ignoring me lately and I guess it's because of the argument we had over him last year. So i'm giving him to you, he's yours, all yours and if he asks why am I acting weird around him just tell him that I'm very busy and I don't feel like being playful around him... that will keep his mind off of asking anymore questions. It's not like he would care though I mean he doesn't show a bit of feeling around me and it's too much for me to handle the awkward silence anyway. So... yeah that's what I wanted to say." "Jimin I-" "I'm ok, I'm still Jimin, the only Jimin and the one who smiles as bright as Hoseok hyung and the one who's never hurt. I'm ok.... I just need to take my mind off afew things." That was the last time he spoke to me. He hasn't said anything to me or any of the other members except for Jin. But now his words are broken pieces of paper because his words broke when he began being all smilie around Jungkook again and he's flirting and touching him in a fuckboy way. I guess now I can't trust his little paper mouth. All he does is flirt with Jungkook and Jungkook returns the butterfly words to him. Seriously, he was blushing the whole time while Jimin spoke and it was obvious to me but not to Jimin, Jimin wasn't paying attention to that.
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