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Results for round four! Did you stay together or fall apart?

All rounds are here!

Gift 1:

He comes to your house two days later and when you answer the door he is standing there holding a present. Before you can say anything, he apologizes. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you hanging like that, it was unfair. I was just so upset that it had happened and didn't know what to say so I said bye. I'm sorry." You respond to him after hearing the sincerity in his voice, "It's my fault. I allowed myself to be put into that situation when I definitely should have known better. You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm simply grateful that you're not angry with me. I would have been so crushed if you'd have ended this." He puts the box in your hands, insisting you open it. You open it and it's a adorable bracelet. He thoughtfully explains himself. "I want you to forgive me and know that I won't leave you lonely anymore. I love you, so please don't forget it. But keep in mind this is also to ward off other men. It lets them know you're taken." "You didn't have to get me a gift. You didn't particularly do anything wrong." "Well, I also wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me. That's why I made such a big deal about apologizing. Good men don't leave a woman in the dark for days. That's cruel and you didn't deserve it. You felt bad enough as it was and I added insult to injury." "If that's how you feel, then I'll accept it. Thank you." He embraces you and sweetly places a kiss on your cheek. You giggle. "You missed." You kiss him on the lips and he practically melts. You separate and he speaks quietly. "I really love you." "I love you too."

Gift 2:

He calls you on the phone. You answer and hope that he will finally talk to you. After all, it has been almost a week since the incident and he hadn't talked to you since. "Hi! I'm so glad you called, babe. I have been wanting to talk but you wouldn't answer my calls! I was so worried, I didn't know what to think! I-" "Go to your front door." He says this rather gruffly, so you quickly get up and open your front door. Outside on the ground you see the stuffed bear you had given him for Valentine's day. "What? What is this?" He sighs. "I'm sorry, I know I should say this in person but I can't. I'm not strong enough to, I'm a coward I guess." There's a pause and you eyes are starting to burn with tears. "It's over. I know it may not have been entirely your fault and I was glad you didn't go do anything, but I can't be with a girl who can't handle herself without me watching over her constantly. That wasn't smart and it isn't the first time I've seen you walk right into a bad situation, this is just the first time I wasn't there to fix it. It shows me that you can't be trusted to take care of yourself. You try to find the words to fix this. "I can change! Please give me a chance! Please! I love you so much!" "You're unfair. You should respect my feelings. I've given you many chances, even if I didn't explicitly say so. It's not fair to put so much responsibility on a man. I could only take so much. I hated having to watch over you like you were a child, it was extremely stressful. You need to think about things. You need to gain some maturity." "Please. Don't leave me like this. Can't we take a break?" "No. Don't make this harder than it needs to be. I hope you don't keep doing these things. I really loved you and I still care about you. I'd hate to hear that something happened to you; so please take care of yourself. Goodbye." You hear a click on the other end and you collapse to the floor onto your knees and sob over losing the love of your life.

Gift 3:

He calls you. You're excited to answer because it had been a few days since that night and you were getting a little worried. You had given him space and tried not to call him too much. "Baby! How are you? I've been so worried! Wha-" "What are you doing tonight? Never mind, whatever it is, cancel it! I'm stealing you for the weekend!" "What? What are you talking about? I thought you were angry with me?" "No, I'm definitely not. I was a little upset at first that you had allowed yourself to be put in that situation. But eventually I realized I was being stubborn. I should have been happy that you got yourself out of trouble and were honest enough to tell me right away." "Oh, I'm sorry for everything. I feel really stupid for it all. I was so naive." He laughs. "Don't worry! Shit happens! I plan on being with you for a long time so I'm not going to let this be a road block. Well anyway, I had been planning to take you out of town for the weekend, but since I was sitting around moping I hadn't told you. So here it is as a last minute surprise! We are going to go see a concert!" You're absolutely shocked. "What!" "Yep, I got tickets for your favorite band's show right before they sold out! It wasn't easy. You have no idea how many times I hit refresh to get the good ones. Not quite front row, but-" "Oh my God! You're absolutely amazing!" You're jumping up and down. You just went through a roller coaster of emotions and now he's taking you to a concert. "Go pack your bags, I'm picking you up at 7. The concerts tomorrow so we'll stay at a hotel." You can hear him cheesily chuckling to himself imagining spending the night with you. You giggle. "You're such a dork, but I love you. See you at 7." "I love you too."

Now for a chance to find out if your relationship truly ended for those who picked two!

Pick a question mark!

To clarify, this is only for those who picked two!

If you picked one or three, then you're in the clear!

Number 1

Number 2

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question mark 2. this can't possibly backfire on me again... -.-
no! why'd I pick two for ugh 😖 welp I pick #2 I hope this helps me out.
Woot woot! Off the the concert!!
Yixuan please forgive me you cant end out relationship like this!!! At least not over Onew! 😢😢😢 I can change babe take the teddy bear back dont leave me crying here!!! I choose #1.
so I got dumped and I pick number 1
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