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Chocolate Swirl (Yoongi Smut) You were blissfully rummaging through the kitchen, looking for a clean spoon to eat your perfectly made ice cream sundae, when you felt hands slide across your waist from behind your back. “Yoongi,” you whimpered as he slid his hands closer to your thighs, his lips pressing against your neck. You quickly spun around and narrowed your eyes at him, waving the spoon in his face. “Don’t ruin this moment mister! I just made a glorious sundae and I intend to eat it, so don’t try to distract me,” you said in a playfully serious tone. He looked at you with a sly smirk on his face. “Alright then, have it your way,” he said, turning and walking away as you picked up a large spoonful of ice cream and stuffed it into your mouth. You carried the bowl into the living room and set it on the table. Yoongi came from the bedroom and picked up the ice cream, leading you to over to the bed with it.  He stuck his finger in the chocolate and smeared it on your lips. He leaned down and licked it off, chuckling darkly. “Technically you are still eating it,” he said before slipping his tongue into your mouth and kissing you deeply. Although you had both of your hands firmly pressed against his chest, you couldn’t push him away now that he was kissing you. You fell deep into his kiss, your hands moving from his chest, and instead draping your arms across his shoulders, pulling him closer. Yoongi broke the kiss to pull your shirt easily over your head. He smirked at you and then reached around your back and unclasp your bra, guiding it off and tossing it to the side. He took a spoonful of the ice cream and gently spread the frozen treat against one of your nipples, causing you to jump slightly at the intense sensation. He locked his eyes with yours as he stuck his tongue out and lapped it off of your nipple slowly. You let out a low moan as he did, enjoying every second of it. You let your fingers slide through his soft locks of hair as he raised his head and licked his lips.  You looked at him darkly and pushed him towards the bed. You took the ice cream and set it down non the side table. You shoved him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, hovering above him. You lowered your hips slightly so that your butt was gently pressed against his growing erection in his pants. You bent down and kissed him before tugging off his shirt and sliding down his torso. Your mouth lingered just under his belly button as you unfastened his pants, guiding them off along with his boxers. You turned your attention to the now melted ice cream and dipped your finger into the sweet mess, smearing some along the length of his cock. You pressed your lips to the tip of his dick and slipped your mouth down until you reached the base, swirling your tongue so that you cleaned off the ice cream you had smeared on him. A deep and melodic moan left his lips as you sucked him a bit more. He pulled you up and pinned you down on the bed. He snatched off your shorts and slid his hand into your panties, teasing you briefly before removing those too. He positioned his face between your thighs and let his tongue wiggle against you. Your breathing was heavy, and as soon as his mouth made contact with you, you moaned loudly. As he continued, you felt yourself tense and your breathing become more and more ragged. “I’m going to cum Yoongi,” you cried out just in time, the orgasm flowing through you.  Once he felt like he had satisfied you, he stood up and pulled you off of the bed. He bent you over and without hesitation, he slammed his cock into you. You let out a scream of pleasure as he began pounding into you. His strokes were intense and made your eyes water each time he thrust into you. You gripped the bed for support, arching your back so he could have better access. He was hitting your spot continuously, causing constant moans to fill the room.  You were about to cum when he pulled out and he flipped you onto your back, holding your legs up and this time sliding in slowly with a sexy groan. Your back arched off the bed, your hips angling towards him. “Fuck me Yoongi,” you breathed seductively. He wasted no time picking up the pace, drilling into you faster and harder than before. Sweat began forming on his brow, his face scrunching up as he felt his body close to orgasm. Yoongi gripped your waist as he pumped into you, he let out a deep groan as he began to cum into you. “FUCK BABY,” he moaned loudly. As he filled you, you felt your own climax surge through you. You dug your nails into his back as you came hard. Your breathing was heavy as he pulled out of you and slumped down beside you. “Oh my gosh babe, I should steal your ice cream more often,” he teased, pulling your closer and pecking your lips.  “I think I’ll make myself a sundae now,” he said, glancing over at you before stretching and standing up, causing you to roll your eyes as you watched him walk off.
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Oh...my...LORD!!! That was soooooo hooooot~~~ made me tingle tingle ;)
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