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Chapter 21~ Earth


~16 years later~ I sat in the class room as I twirled three marbles in my hand. I had ten more of them in my pocket that I keep with me. Having them in my hands keeps my nerves down. "Okay class we have a new student, please introduce yourself?" Ms. Walker said to the new student. "Hello my name is Quinn" he said to the student that didn't even care. "Alright Quinn you can take the seat next to D.O, D.O can you raise your hand?" Ms. Walker asked. I rose my hand in the air and the new kid started his way over to me . He took a seat and glanced at me. I could see it from the reflection of the window. I turned at look at him and we both nod at each other. Something about him wasn't right. It wasn't long until the bell rang to single that lunch was now in process. We all got up and headed to our lunch. I stopped by my locker to put up my books. "Look who we have here guys, little D.O" Trevor said in a movking tone. I rolled my eyes and shut my locker and was about to make my way to the lunch room. "Not so fast D.O" he said blocking my way. I stared up at him with my owl like eyes. I wasn't really in the mood to play games. "Move please?" I asked nicely but he ad his friends all laughed in my face. "He asked you to move now move" a voice said. We all looked over to see who it is and it was the new student. "Looks like we got new fish in our sea guys. Let show these loners where they belong." We were both token to the back of the school where they tried to beat us up but before they could lay a finger on us, Quinn beat them to it. "Not so tough now" he muttered as we wached every one of them run for their lives. "Thank you." I said softly. He turned towards me and looked me in the eye. "I wouldn't be thanking me yet. I still have a mission to do and its killing you." I started backing up and making a full run as he was chasing me. When he appeared right in front of me. I quickly tried to change my path but I slipped. He grabbed me by the neck and held a tight grip. This is not much fun, like I thought it would be." He said lifting me up in the air. I was clawing at his hands for him to let me go but he didn't so I thought I would kick him in the stomach. He staggered back as I dropped to the ground.  I felt the ground energy underneath me. I took that all in and closed my eyes. I could hear him making a run towards me. I stood up and punched the ground. The ground started to shake while making cracking noises. The crack was big enough and fast that it took Quinn in whole. The ground began to close up to how it was again. I stood there looking at the ground. I clenched my hand and made a run to home. I opened the door to my house. "Mom?" "Mom?" I called out. My uncle came into view. "D.O why are you home so early?" "Have you seen my mom?" I asked him as he nod. "She's in the bedroom for a moment. He said. I quickly made my way to my mom's room. "Mom?" I called out. "Yes?" She opened the door. She was getting ready for work. I rushed to hug her and baried my face into her shoulder as I cried. "Kyungsoo? Baby what's wrong?" She asked. I could hear her speak with my uncle. "I was almost killed today but I did something that is not suppose to be real. I punch the ground and made it open up into a large crack,  the guy who was trying to kill me fell in it. The ground closed up when he fell in." I said to her. I pulled back to see her eyes widen. "Honey let me call work and I'll sit down and talk to you about whats happening okay." I nod. She shut the door and my uncle took me to the couch. It wasn't long until my mom came in the living room. "Kyungsoo. You know your uncle and I both love you very much right. Well we kept this long from you but now its time to tell you." She paused for a second. "Your adopted. Well actually we found you and your real mom out on the streets. Your mom was badly injured and was carrying you in a basket. Your uncle and I came across you two and took you two to the hospital. But when the doctor said it was alright to see your mom, she was already gone. What she left was the necklace thats around your necck and a letter telling us to keep you safe. Kyungsoo, you come from a planet named exo. Your power is earth. You have a twin brother in Barcelona and other brothers around the world. The closet brother to you is in Arizona. But I want you to wait until your eighteen to go look for your other brothers. Here is the letter." My mom told. She held out a white envelope. I took it and read it. My mom was right I was from a planet called Exo. "I'll wait until I'm eighteen." I said as she hugged me and thanked me.
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