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Pairing: Reading X Kai Fluff/ School Enjoy
Today I have a date with Jong-in. He told me to call him by his name since we were official. I could hardly sleep I was so excited. I woke up early this morning to get ready, since he said he will be here by 11. I wore a floral dress, with gold sandals, and a braided updo.
He arrive at exactly 11. We kissed and exchanges greeting. He said "Wow you look beautiful." Then he handed me flowers. I blush and say, "you too. No I mean handsome. You look handsome." He chuckles at the way I was getting nervous. I let him in side my appartment and introduce him to my roommate Amber. Then we left. He was a perfect gentleman. He opened and held the door open for me.The First place he took me was to a cafe, where we ate brunch. He constantly made me laugh with his humor and cuteness. Next we went to see a movie, where we held hands. Last part of the date was a romantic stroll in the park. We walked hand in hand, talking. We talked about his childhood and how he was a jazz dancer before he got into ballet. I wish we could stay like that forever but it was short lived. Out of nowhere it began to rain. No not a drizzle or sprinkle, no a downpour. When we reached his car we where completely soaked. He said, "I don't want to take you home yet wanna hang out at my house until your clothes dry? I say Yes. When got to his place, he went into his closet and brought me one of his t-shirts and a pair New boxer's to put one. I giggled at the thought of wearing men's underwear. I thanked him and went in the bathroom to changed. I came out and he had on his pajama pants and no shirt drying his hair. I taced his body with my eyes , slightly bitting my lip. He turns and I hand him my clothes so he could put them in the dryer. He leaves to room and I climb in his bed sitting holding a pillow. He returns and climbs in bed with me and cuts on the tv. We were lucky ,a tv station had a marathon of Iron Man movies on, that was Jong-in favorite character. I snuggle up,close to him and lay. my head on his chest. He has on hand behind his head and the other wrapped around my back. Eventually we fall asleep. We both wake up in the middle of the third movie. He leans down and kisses me. Eventually this kiss turns into a passionate long kiss. I feel him grow he pulls away. Breathing heavily he says, " I want you." I pull him back in for a kiss then he tops me. He kisses my neck move down to my chest. I take off my shirt and toss it. He slowly kiss down my body. I moan from the pleasure. He makes his way back up to my lips.I pull away and say "I never did anything like this before." He whispers," Don't worry, I guide you. Then he kissed me again. ................. It been a month since we have been going out and I am so so happy. We were two weeks from the performing the show case I left to put on my ballet slipper but was interrupted by the costume director to have a,fitting so I left them in the dressing room. Kate POV Y/N, that bitch thinks she can steal Kai from me she has another thing coming. She thinks I forgot about her humiliating me in front Sehun. Even though. I haven't said anything to her i will destroy all your dream and get Kai back. Let's see how she dances now. Putting crushed glass shards in Y/N shoe's. Y/N POV I return from the costume fitting and grabbed my shoes. Its time to start practice. As soon as I began to dance I fell sharp cutting pain in my feet. I collapse. Jong-in quickly comes to my and removes my shoe. As I look up at him. He had a face of disbelief and pain.
Oh man, that's horrible. I haven't gone through anything like that. and for that I'm grateful, but I don't dance professionally, and I don't plan to. It's more of a hobby to me
@JayDay i know my sister went through that
The saddest part is that that actually happens in real life. Dancers will pit stuff in other's shoes just to destroy their goals in dance pretty much 😢
tag me in future chapters please!