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So many know already that there is a contest going on with the BTS # on twitter
As you can see we (being a US ARMY) are in 8th place. If we work together we can win this!! But in all honesty it would be amazinf to see ARMYS from all over using the # more to show their love for BTS <3 if you have a twitter account simple use the #lovebts or #๋ฐฉํƒ„์†Œ๋…„๋‹จ or both and it goes toward our count You can also use it multiple times a day :D
Also, some bts pics just because credit to owner of pics/gifs
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@SerenaArthurs for the english hashta you have to put #loveBTS because too many people were using #BTS for behind the scenes so BigHit changed it :)
hopes little dance reminds me of that I can get D any time I want
@BrennaTran but isn't there something that should pop up like I put #LoveBTS and there was this pop-up window below that said #loveBTS but I didn't see the emoji thing.
@SerenaArthurs emoji pops up after you use the # and hit space bar
@BrennaTran oh ok I'll try it. Thank you.