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The first Nintendo Entertainment System - Famicom - came out in Japan in 1983 (picture 2) The American version (picture 3) came out in 1985...it was the first game console I played on as a kid...the awesome duck shooting game :P (picture 1)
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@minjaeturtles Oh! And the blue and red one. The cape too! Gotta love the cape.
@YinofYang YES the cape!! haha I never got to the ending though...the game seemed to go on forever :(
@minjaeturtles I'm glad you remembered the cape, but come on! It didn't go on forever. It was just...you know...
@YinofYang lol yeah I was just never that good at games :(
@minjaeturtles Oh. *cough* Gotcha. Hahahahaha! I'm sorry, but your comment made me laugh. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))