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I know I should probably stay away from the topic I am about to get into but, I'm going anyway.
I don't really like Exo songs. I said it. And most kpoppers would react as xiumin in the gif I added.
My reasoning behind this is sorta unknown, but if I had to clarify one it would be that they have a sort of choir feel. And it's just personal taste bit I don't like choir.
However, besides the music I do like their personalities ALOT!! Usually I go on Pinterest and look up kpop(insert group name) "funny" and I see some groups that are very boring and/or not relatable however Exo is not that case.
This for me makes the group. this is why I will still watch the MVs. I love the reactions.
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I'm kinda the opposite. I don't care for the boys but the music is pretty rockin