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Here is a preview of Jonghyun's She Is Album written by Jequetta of KpopJunkiesTV.
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"It's Quetta, and I'm back at it again with an album review! The following review reflects on my personal perspective of the album. It won't reflect the views of KPOPJUNKIESTV. Disclaimer given, on with the review! Jonghyun of S(lay trick)HINee blesses us with the anticipated first full album. Much like with our mannishly maknae Taemin, we wondered can he be any more perfect than his first mini album? When I saw the preview of "She Is", I answered my own question right then and there before the album even dropped! It was that good! After seeing the Jonghyun signal in the sky yesterday, (yes I own one of those) I took to iTunes quickly and beheld the technicolor beauty that was his album. Being floored would not be the appropriate term for how this album made me feel. I was lifted up from the ground and did not want to come down."