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When you're living on your own for the first time, learning how to prepare your own meals can be quite the hassle. (You have no idea how many times I accidentally gave myself food poisoning.)

Thank God for delivery and take-out right?

Who has a cooking or baking disaster they'd like to share?

One time I put too much cooking oil into a cake, and there was literally a shallow puddle of it sitting in the middle of the carrot cake I was trying to make. (Keyword: TRYING - it never actually finished cooking before I'd burned it.)
@YumiMiyazaki Omg, how did they get sick on mac and cheese?! Was it made from scratch?
although I am not good in cooking when 1st time stay by myself, I am not that bad, learn by mistake make me feel excited when I feel bored with restaurants/fast food.
I have several food poisoning stories, but, I'll only choose one. I'll start my story out with I can't cook. Like, at all. I can heat things up in the microwave, but things like pancakes, grits french toast...it's a disaster. A long while ago, I made a big ol pot of Mac and cheese. I wasn't planning on sharing but my family had other ideas. About 45 minutes after eating, they each started getting sick. Like, really sick. One threw up, and the other 3 had really bad stomach cramps all night. I'm used to my food so I wasn't sick at all. So yeah 馃槃 Don't eat my food, yall.
sorry I'm late my phone is being stupid
lol let's do it then @YumiMiyazaki
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