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Is it just me or does their voices sound super sexy for this song? I think so and I can't get enough of this song I love it. I mean there are other songs they sound really sexy with, but this one is driving me crazy.
And OMG this one just yeah their voices just sometimes it's too much to handle. Am I wrong?
I don't know anything about this group, but damn this song just makes me feel dirty. I love it
Hmm well lets see VIXX and chains are involved yes please! enough said
And well, BTS because 95% of their stuff is sexy no matter what. But War of Hormones was the first song I heard from them so it's like my intro song to the world of BTS, the next one I think their voices are really sexy, the hip thrusts don't help either but ya know :-P
Jaejoong enough said right! I love this song and my favorite part is at 2:18-2:21 I honestly don't know why
I really love their fast beat songs, and the hip thrusts and Eunhyuk, my eyes never leave him in this video. And sorry sorry answer yeah it's a super sexy song of course watching Eunhyuk's solo dancing to this song is just pure hot, and from 4:38 on it's pure heaven
EXO's verison is great, but Jonghyun's is sexier enough said
I just absolutely love his voice, And his abs doesn't help either hehe
Shin and Takuya enough for me! Their my main biases in Cross Gene and I ship them
These are a few songs that are just driving me crazy with their pure sexiness. There's more but the list would go on for ever
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damn nice song selection