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(Jungkook Story Line)
Jungkook's pov
I walked back to the practice room with the rest of the members, all of us tired. We had planned to grab our stuff and go back to the dorm and maybe get some food on the way back. For some reason, Jin told me to stay in the main room on the floor the practice room is on. They took y/n back to the practice room too. Maybe they thought I was too tired from 'fighting' with the guys at the facility.
"Kookie..." Y/N walked out of the practice room with a blank expression.
"What? Is there something wrong?" I stood up and walked towards y/n.
"Just...I was wondering..." She stuttered a few times and I thought it was because she possibly liked me. "I was wondering which bag was yours." Oh.
"O-oh...well, why didn't you ask one of the others?" I took a step back.
"Apparently, you have two different bags and you'll switch every now and then."
"I'll just get it myself." I sighed and walked passed her. I don't know if I was just imagining it, but I thought I saw a wide smile appear on y/n's face. I turned back to look at her, a smile was plastered on her face. I opened the practice room door and saw that it was dimmed slightly.
"SURPRISE!!!" The lights came on and I saw all of the members and a few staff members stood around a small table that had a small cake with five lit candles. One of the staff members was holding a camera which meant that it was a V app live. That also meant that y/n probably won't be able to come into the room. She was probably still waiting out in the main room. The members started singing to me and Taehyung dragged me to the table. After they finished I blew out the candles on the cake and looked at the camera.
"V-app live." Taehyung whispered into my ear. I nodded and thanked the members and the staff. We did the usual things we do for birthdays on V-app live. It all ended with half the cake getting smashed into my face and the other half on the other member's faces.
Disappointing. I was eager to eat the cake. With a few yells from each of us, the V-app stream ended. I sighed and picked a piece of cake off my face and stuck it in my mouth.
"Finished?" A faint voice on the other side said. I could tell it was y/n. One of the staff members opened the door for her and smiled to her. "Why is there cake all over your face, Kookie?" She looked at the other members who all had big grins on their faces. "I didn't get to watch the live stream, but I'll find out soon enough." She cracked a smile and looked at the plate where the cake was less than ten minutes ago.
"That was just the cake for the live stream." One of the staff members said with an excited smile. "We have another one for you boys on the seventh floor. Grab your stuff and go there."
"But, don't you guys want some too?" Y/N looked surprised.
"This is for the boys since it's one of their birthdays." Then all of the staff members left the room just leaving seven cake covered boys with y/n.
"Let's go then!" Hoseok grabbed his bag and waited for the rest of us beside the door.
"It's Kookie's birthday. He should be the one leading and be the most excited."
Namjoon said plainly.
"You all have enough cake on your faces to keep you all fed and I'll just eat the cake with y/n!" I grabbed my bag and opened the door for y/n.
"You have more cake on your face than any of us!" I think it was Jimin who said that. Y/N laughed so I took some of the cake on my face and smeared it on her face. The other members followed behind us, laughing like nothing had happened earlier that day. We took the elevator down to the seventh floor and saw a cake twice the size of the cake for the live stream. We all crowded around the cake to look at it.
They sang happy birthday to me again but this time, y/n was also singing. We then ate the cake like 'normal' and didn't smash any more cake into our faces. Y/N was the first to finish so she got some paper towels and water to clean our face up. Half of the cake was still left so we decided to leave it for the staff. We covered it and left a note on it.
"Are we going back to the dorm now?" Y/N was bouncing beside me as we walked down the sidewalk. Taehyung snorted.
"Y/N... Y/N..." He clicked his tongue a few times and rested a hand on her shoulder.
"That's not how we do things. That not how BANGTAN does it. We go to the extreme." He smiled his usual smile and took his hand off of y/n's shoulder and rested the other hand on my shoulder. "We're going to do something BIG! Something Kookie has never done!"
"Drink alcohol!?" I looked at Taehyung with confusion.
"Nope! We're going to get lots of ice cream!" Taehyung bounced back to where Jin was.
"Right?" Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows then laughed. Jin laughed too and nodded.
"We're gonna be celebrating our Kookie's birthday extra special since he's now legal age!"
We stopped by a convenience store and bought two containers of ice cream. Back in the dorm, we sat in the living room and ate the ice cream while talking excitedly. We finished all of the ice cream and we all also knew that at least one of us would be throwing up ice cream sooner or later. All of us were full from the ice cream and dozing off sometimes during the middle of our sentences. Even though y/n can be a bit quiet based off of what I've learned in the past few days, she seemed unusually quiet after around 11 o'clock.
"Y/N?" I looked at y/n who was sitting beside me on the floor. "Are you sleeping?" I poked her cheek and she moved her head slightly to the side. "I'm going to take that as a yes." Her body flopped limply onto my shoulder and she looked around briefly then went back to sleep.
"Lucky lil'..." Yoongi's sentence was cut off by Jin. "Okay, just take her back to bed." Yoongi got up and left for his room. Everyone but Taehyung also left for their rooms soon after.
"Do you think y/n is pretty?" I asked Taehyung.
"Hm..." He looked at her sleeping face and smiled. "She's okay but we've both seen very beautiful women in our lives at fan meets and other places."
"I'm not asking if she's beautiful or about other women, I'm asking if you think she's pretty."
"I said she's okay. I think she would look better with you anyways." I smiled at the sleeping y/n then stood up and stretched.
"Wait," I had this horrible realization. "Am I going to have to change her clothes for bed?!" Taehyung shrugged and left for bed. I stared at y/n sleeping comfortably. Y/N shifted and fell to the side which made her wake up.
"Aah!" She fell to the floor and hit her head on the carpet but luckily she was already on the floor. "Where's everyone else?" She looked around confused then looked at me for answers.
"They all got tired and went to bed. I was about to carry you to bed but then you woke up." I began to walk back to our room then y/n scrambled to me. "You coming?" I teased her which earned me a playful punch in the arm. "Go wash up now while I change." She nodded and headed for the bathroom. I quickly changed my clothes for bed and waited for y/n to finish in the bathroom. When she finally finished I went in to clean up. When I returned to our room I saw y/n staring at herself in her mirror. She noticed me leaning on the door frame in the mirror and turned around.
"Hey there." She gave me a gentle smile and a small wave before sitting on her bed.
"Why are you staring at yourself? Seeing if you'll turn into a monster?" I sat on my bed facing hers and waited for her answer.
"No..." She laid down on her bed and covered her face with her pillow. "Just seeing how much I changed." I walked over to her bed and plucked the pillow off of her face. "Aya!" She turned to face the wall and covered her face with her hands. "I look so ugly!" I turned her around to look at me.
"Well, haven't you looked like that all day?"
"I was wearing makeup all day!" She grabbed the pillow from me and turned back around to face the wall.
"Where did you get makeup from? I didn't see any on your shelves or in your bag!"
"Why were you looking in my bag?!" She sat up and looked at me.
"Where did you get your makeup?"
"I'll tell you if you tell me why you were looking in my bag."
"I was picking a few things up off the floor to make room. Your bag was one of the few things and it was open. I was checking to make sure nothing was in it to think of a place to put it."
"Why didn't you ask me?"
"Now my question." She sighed and laid back down.
"When I was in the bathroom this morning, I saw someone's makeup in there and it was my skin tone so I decided to use a little to make myself less ugly." She sighed again and turned back to the wall.
"I think that was my makeup..." I thought back to yesterday or possibly this morning.
"Or it could've been Hoseok's." I then heard a snore come from y/n. "Did you fall asleep?" I turned her back to face me and took the pillow from her grasp. "How the heck did you fall asleep that quick?" I pulled the cover over her and returned to my bed. "Goodnight." I turned off the light and went to sleep. This probably wasn't the best birthday ever but it was certainly exciting.
Heyo! Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long! Some unfortunate events happened and it set me back some. Finals are finishing up now so I'll have more time to work on the story. Did you notice I changed the story art? I'm proud of my mediocre ability to be able to create it. This chapter has been up for a few weeks on Wattpad. If you want to get the chapters immediately and you don't want to wait for it to be published here, you can read it on Wattpad <here>. I have another maybe 3 more parts for the next chapter which will hopefully be uploaded next week. I'm probably going to forget this later, but there will be no story updates in July. Just a heads up. I think I update a chapter a month-ish. Okay, this is getting long.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, let me know! I read every comment and I like reading comments before school (which is almost over).
Bye now!~
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