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Ever since @jordanhamilton shared a card about stencil hair I began looking for stencil hairstyles on Insta. There are so many cool styles! I found a few that I really like and from Jenine Ker!

Polka Dot Hair

Never would I imagine polka dot hair to look this cute. I've seen several high fashion pictorials with polka dot hair design but the black and white contrast looks boring. This one is fun and vibrant! I think her rose-tone hair color as the canvas helps a lot!

Lotus Flower

First off, this reminds me of Pac Sun's graphic tee design. I am certain I saw a halographic art like this before. Maybe, this is the reason why I live this design so much. The foil purple really pops on the green hair and the lotus flower makes every more beautiful.

Stencil Bangs

We usually see color work done at the ends of the hair, so it's refreshing to see coloring added at the crown. The stencil work is subtle. While it does stands out it blends with the entire hair fairly well. I'm a fan and would definitely try it.

Flower on a branch stencil

This definitely reminds me of a flower vase. Artistic, fun and suitable for any hair length!
I really want to do this now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this easy to wash off?
@cindystran it fairly easy, these are all spray ons!
@KDramaKPop1015 Go for it! =)