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Despite what I said in my first card I have not started with my Favorite group. I have realized this and it has torn me. so to compensate for my wrong doings I have decided to make a tribute. A tribute to my all time favorite Kpop group.
I will start off with the separate members. So the first one will be....Junior. Honestly when I first started I didn't know him at all.
My second member to pay tributes to is youngjae. He has a beautiful voice and is one of the first members I could differentiate.
The third member shall the leader JB. when I was finally able to say for sure who JB was, it was because of the mini series dream knight.
The next member is Yugyeom. Congrats on have a name I almost can't pronounce. But even more thanks to your maknae pranks.
Next is the Fashionista BamBam.
Next we have Mark!!
And Lastly we have Jackson. and with this I have run out of the pictures I can use. Love Got7!!!