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WARNING: Mature Situations
You feel like you should be nervous, this is your first time and you’ve only really known him for a matter of a few days. However, when he walks back over and sits next to you on the bed, it feels like you’ve known him forever. He takes your hand in his and just sits there, rubbing his thumb across the top. What was it he said before? You scare him and make him just as nervous. You smile as you realize most of the pressure is on him for this; that makes you a little more courageous.
You remove your hand from beneath his and reach up to push his hair from his face. Bringing your hand back down you imitate him earlier, letting it rest on and cup his cheek. His hand comes up to frame it, holding it while he turns his head and kisses your palm. As he looks into your eyes, no words are needed for either one of you.
You gravitate towards one another, lips meeting in the middle to kiss, part, and come back together. Before long it’s deja’ vu with you lying back on his bed; his leg between yours, his arms encircling you, and his lips on yours, the only thing that matters.
A little while later you lay snuggled up against him, his free hand stroking your hair.
“I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling.”
He nods, “It is strange, this feeling. It is like we are separate yet still one, as if we are still one flesh.”
“Exactly. I never knew anything could feel like this, especially with someone I’ve only just met.”
He looks down at you, “I’ve known you forever. I've felt you inside me, only recognizing that feeling when I saw you face to face.”
You start drawing circles on his chest. “It’s always felt like a piece of me was missing. That my life was good and going along but there was a hole I didn’t realize existed. That first dream? While there you filled that hole and my life continued on but felt more complete. Does that make any sense?”
He nods, leans over and kisses you on the forehead. “Life is better when the last piece of the puzzle is added, making the picture complete.”
“I have never felt more comfortable with anyone, ever. So, what exactly does this, what we just did, mean?”
“You are now my mate in every sense of the word and in every part of our beings.”
You lean up on his chest, “So I guess this means I should give you my phone number?”
When the two of you come out of his room, you’re thankful none of his brothers are in the living room. Even though it seems that they know you are mates, it would be embarrassing had they been out there and witnessed your ‘after’.
“Hungry?” he asks as he takes you by the hand and leads you to the kitchen.
He rummages around in the fridge and finds the two of you leftovers.
The two of you are eating and chatting quietly when N walks into the kitchen. He looks between the two of you and smiles. He tries to pick up your hand to kiss it when Leo reaches out and grabs his wrist before he can touch you. N looks over; shocked. Dawning settles over him and he raises his hands and backs away.
You look between them, “What was that all about?”
Leo looks down and goes back to eating, pretending like he didn’t hear or do anything.
N takes pity on you and explains.
“The male is very protective of his mate. They do not allow other males in their territory or within their mate’s space. It is seen as a threat.”
You look over at Leo who is still busy eating, refusing to look up. You reach over and put your hand over his, giving it a soft squeeze. He looks up at you, flips his hand over to cradle yours. Lifting it to his lips he kisses it, his eyes never leaving yours.
“It is not usually a problem, even if they are secure in their mate’s love. It just has more to do with male instinct. I suggest we alert Ravi to the change in the situation, I would not like a fight to break out between them.”
You nod. Even though Ravi knows you and Leo are mates and he gave you his blessing, how awkward is it going to be to let him know that Leo is now fully your bonded mate.
Nothing like telling your friend that you just had sex with his best friend.
ironically when my phone beeped to let me know of this update, I was listening to beautiful liar :D love this story!!
I've been reading and looking forward daily for the updates! Great read!! I can only dream 😊
Hmmm...yea I could see how telling your friend that you just had sex with his best friend might be a little awkward for you! lol You think?!!! 😂😂
That last line is life omg😂😂😂
@GriseldaZenger I love this story and you! You spoil us today by posting so much on your birthday! Thank you sis, hope you had a good birthday, especially with the sexy times with both Xia and Leo! 💜😉💜
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