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Part 1/?? Reader x Yoongi Summary: He was my best friend, he was the only person I've ever had. Then, he left... It had been three years since you was emancipated and left the orphanage. You just turned 18, and finally had your own apartment in Seoul. But you often found myself thinking about the past, your memories and where your best friend ended up. "(Y/N), don't worry, we'll find each other again." Yoongi said quietly and pulled you into a hug. You knew he was serious because he never hugged you and rarely called you (Y/N). "Yoongi, you're getting adopted today...how can we find each other again? I'm going to be alone again." You said quietly as you burrowed your head into his chest. "(Y/N). No matter what, we will always be friends." He said and pulled away from the hug. "I have to go now..." He said quietly and got up to leave. You nodded and watched him exit your room. He left when he was 16 and you were 14, a family wanted a son just like him. Someone who was cool, calm and collected. Who wouldn't want someone like him? "Excuse me?" Someone said as they tried to walk past me. "Sorry.." You mumbled quietly and looked up at the owner of the voice. It was a tall slim guy, around my age. "Hey, it's cold out. I'm going to meet with my friends, let me buy you a coffee." He said sweetly. "Sir, I can't.." You said quietly, you hated taking handouts, but you could tell he wasn't going to stop until I said yes. "Please!" He smiled. "A-Alright.." You mumbled. "Who are your friends? And what is your name?" "Oh!" He laughed and started walking motioning for you to follow him. "Sorry, my name is Jungkook! And my friends are my band mates, from a new group that's going to debut!" "What's the name of the group?" You asked as we walked to a small cafe. "That's classified!" He laughed and opened the door for me. He scanned the room until he found his friends and grabbed your arm dragging you to them. "What's your name?" He asked as we got closer to them. "(Y/N)." You spoke softly and looked at his friends. "Ah okay! Oh guys this is (Y/N)! (Y/N), this is..." He started but you could only focus on one of them. His face, "Yoongi?" You mumbled quietly, so no one could hear you. --- Sorry it's short, it'll get better I promise! Please leave me feedback! 鉂わ笍
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