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Can't wait to try this. Just learning. From Scrach.Need to loose weight & tone up. Resistance. Yoga. Dumbells. Anyone have any advice for someone (me) just starting out & learning? Perhaps some printers? Great chatting with you.
@cheerfulcallie yeahhh like i used to have these crazy stinging pain on my lower back because i usually sit with my legs crosseddd but after stretching by doing yoga it got wayyy better! at first it hurts sooo bad but after a while you will notice that the pain is gone! :D
@happyrock and @miranpark88 thanks a lot for sharing ladies. Miran, oh me too I have issues with my back, if it'll help you then I'll definitely give it a try.
that's amazing info @happyrock !!!! @cheerfulcallie i actually found this not too long agoooo i have a lot of back problems so these positions really help me to stretch my lower back and entire backkkkk i hope they help you toooo!!!
@cheerfulcallie yeah, the poses are supposed to relax certain areas of your body to help you sleep better. I'll post a card about it!
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