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Annyeong guys!! It's Sky!! So thanks to listening to the KpopINT station I've been exposed to and discovering lots of new songs and let me tell you I regret not having a phone with more space!! Heres a list of a few that I recently heard for the first time (or just learned the name of) and wish I could put on my phone.
HanHae-Fill It Up (Feat. Ovadoz, D.meanor)
I don't know Up10tion but this song is really nice.
Amber-Shake That Brass
I know STB is kinda oldish but i have never taken the time to actually listen to it..until now!
Brave Girsl-I Have Changed
G.Soul-Where Do We Go From Here
This song is the kind of song you play when you really need to evaluate something!
MAP6-Swagger Time
A friend of mine loves them and introduced me to this song. Its really good!
NCT U- 7th Sense
Ok. This song is a lot catchier than i expected. I really tried to ignore them since i didn't want to get into another group...i still don't know them but this song is life along with the chores.
TWICE-Cheer Up
Its such a cute song!!
Day6-I Wish (Hope)
When I'm sad i now play this song. It really helps.
What song did you recently discover?-Sky
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G.Soul - Far Far Away is really good too!
2 years ago·Reply
@ibMIMI omg thats a good one!! missed like 6 songs i should have put!-Sky
2 years ago·Reply
I already discovered them like idk XDXD
2 years ago·Reply
@Sammyjuicoooo Lmao lucky!!-Sky
2 years ago·Reply