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How can you be hot af and beautiful as hell too? It's totally unfair.
woha who is that beautiful man ?
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akanishi jin.😉
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@aiaconcarne ok is he in a band or an actor model? and is he korean chinese Japanese giving me a name doesn't help enough I need details
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@exolover101 so demanding.😒 you can research, you know. anyway he is a japanese actor and was an ex-member of KAT-TUN.
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@exolover101 He's a Japanese singer and actor. He used to be in the Jpop group KAT-TUN under Johnny's Entertainment but left to pursue a solo career. He sings in both Japanese and English. He also has a song in Spanish. 😊 If there's anything else you wanna know let me know and I'll gladly answer the best I can. lol
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