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Fanfic/scenario that popped into my head idk wtf I was thinking while writing(imagination does strange things to you). Hope you enjoy XD After a long day of dance practice that dragged on more than wigs, weaves, and braids that get snatched off in Jerry Springer, Monsta X returned home, awaiting their lovers-their bed, to greet them and lay in their lap while their blankets kissed them goodnight. "Aaaaah," Jooheon moaned. "I just want to lay in bed and never face the world again." "Same,"Shownu said. "Sometimes I wish I had a magic wheelchair that appeared for long days like these. But then again, I'd probably never dance again I wouldn't want to get up." "Plus, we wouldn't be able to brag about our dad's electric dance moves." Hyungwon said with a mock grim expression. "And Wonho would attempt to imitate Dad's legendary dancing, but would end up breaking his hip, causing his dancing to resemble me when I hear pizza delivery or when BTS came out with their comeback Fire. And trust me, no one wants to witness that. My sister was in the hospital til 2020 after experiencing that and had a post traumatic dance disorder as a result and gets scared when someone even mentions the word." Minhyuk said gravely. Everyone laughed. "But it's not even 2020 yet," Hyungwon said, chuckling. "Exactly. My sister is still getting treatment. And if the results are good, she'll be released by 2020." Minhyuk reassured. "Ill make a four leaf clover necklace just in case," Wonho squealed girlishy in mock excitement. Once the laughter died down, the only sound that remained was the insistent growling of their stomachs that sounded Like an orchestra. "I'm so hungry, I could eat New York City and its buildings with a side of hot sauce. New York would lose its capital, but at least my stomach would be full." Jooheon theorized, licking his finger and putting up an imaginary 1 for sponsoring himself a point. "Hell, I'm so hungry, ramen would go from an endangered species to extinct with my appetite." "I feel," I.M. said. "I just want my bed," Shownu yawned. "There there, Dad, I'll give you a piggyback ride to your room just this once." Hyungwon said soothingly, beckoning Shownu forward, patting his back as if he was talking to a toddler who kept persisting to ride a carousel (even though they basically spend money to spin around a few times.) "OOOOOOHAAAAAH" Kihyun, I.M., Wonho, Hyungwon, and Minhyuk squealed in unison. "Really?" Shownu's eyes widened, pressing a hand to his chest in amazement Legally Blonde style. "No. I have no energy to move. Anything that doesn't involve lifting food to my mouth, I can't lift." Everyone laughed, Jooheon the hardest just to hear his overpower everyone else's. "Seriously, though what are we going to eat?" Minhyuk asked, redirecting them to their main concern. Everyone automatically looked at Mom, who sighed, pretending to look irritated but secretly flattered they looked up to him like the proud mom he is. "What do you want fo-" "RAAAAAMEN" Wonho interrupted, the real life version of Piccachu. "When do you not want Ramen?" I.M. laughed. "When he's not showing his abs, which is never," Hyungwon teased, snapping his fingers in the Z formation. "Savage," Jooheon, and I.M. whooped fist bumping Hyungwon. "Hyungwon's slaying more than it takes Santa Clause to ride his sleigh each year. No wonder you're my favorite son." Kihyun boasted, ruffling Hyungwon's hair pretending to sniff. "So you're just going to ignore that time I told you you've been my bias since day one?" Jooheon huffed, playing heartbroken. The others looked at each other with betrayal. "The world can be cruel sometimes, what can I say." Kihyun looked at Jooheon solemnly with no regrets. Minhyuk snickered. "Where's the food though?" I.M. asked bluntly. "Damn, someone's a little bit too hungry today," Wonho commented. "I've been hungry since I was born. Deal with it." I.M. stated sassily, getting a few chuckles. The sass was real. "I'll have anything but cucumbers," Minhyuk said. "Well, before all of you say what you want for dinner, I checked the kitchen earlier and there's only leftover fruit snacks, kimchi, and 10 pieces of shrimp since I forgot to go to the store earlier." "Wait, so what was the point of asking us then?" Jooheon groaned. Shownu, Wonho, I.M. And the others grunted in agreement. "I felt it was only fair to ask your input and make sure everyone's voices were heard. As a mother of 6 speaking of course. Unless Shownu wants to pick up the groceries since hes the dad." "I never chose to be the dad, you guys chose me. Can I be the grandpa instead and you guys roll me around in a wheelchair instead? I nominate myself a certified senior.I went pre-maturely toothless and have the dentures to prove it." Shownu mimicked taking out invisible dentures and showing it to everyone, who snorted. "The secret's out! Shownu's actually a old guy trapped in a 24 year-old's body! This turned into Freaky Friday Idol Edition" Minhyuk gasped while Wonho pretended to faint in his arms. Shownu just smiled shyly while looking at the ground as if it was his bed dressed up in sexy lingerie. "Mom, that made no sense, but I'll let it slide since I do love kimchi and anything sugar." Minhyuk addressed. "Kimchi, kimchi, kimchi, kimchi" Hyungwon sing songed. "Great for enhancing the booty booty," I.M. finished, pointing to his butt with overexaggered enthusiastic expression and making a heart above his head with his arms. "That made my day," Jooheon guffawed along with the others whose laughs sounded like a whale squealing in delight after donald duck proposed and that was all it could say they were laughing that hard. "You're my spirit animal," Wonho announced. "And you're my inspiration to get abs, but then again I'm too lazy. Plus, I'm already wild and sexy," I.M. said making an Ahhh sound fanning himself. "I dont think Jackson would be happy with you stealing his pick-up line," Hyungwon grinned. "Good thing he isn't here to witness then," I.M. winked. "Kimchi, kimchi,kimchi, kimchi great for enhancing the booty, booty," they chanted as they all marched determinedly into the kitchen for their leafy hero. $$$$$$$$$$ "Eat up, boys. Don't leave any food behind. Theres a lot of vitamins and protein in the fruit snacks that has plenty of leafy greens and other colors that food group triangle says we should include for a balanced meal." Kihyun urged, his motherly instincts ever the strongest when it came to his boys and food. "We'd make dieticians jealous with the way we're handling our wise food choices." Wonho said over a mouth full of kimchi. "I know right, they'd end up retiring and chasing us just to find out our secret tricks to being healthy that lies in the hand of fruit snacks and kimchi." Minhyuk laughed mischievouslly. "Kimchi, kimchi, kimchi kimchi..." The kimchi ceremony chant began again. They were so busy talking dirty to their kimchi and fruit snacks, they didn't notice the new guest sitting across from them until Wonho, who was reaching for the plate of kimchi, accidentally made contact with the guest's hand instead, which also happened to be in need of kimchi. Wonho looked at the hand, confused. "You're not kimchi," he mumbled to it, as if it could listen. Then, his eyes traveled from the hand, to the owner in which it belonged to. "Wonho, I know it's been a while since you've parted with your precious ramen, but seriously you gotta let it go, man. It's tearing you apart," Kihyun sighed, until he saw who Wonho was looking and gasped. The others took their eyes away from their food and nonchalantly said hello. "OPPAAAAA," Minhyuk shouted, tackling the unknown guest who almost fell out of his chair. ...To be continued Hope this leaves you feeling as if you were sitting with them at the dinner tables chanting kimchi. Who's the stranger and how tf did he manage to get inside? Is he a friend, foe, or just hungry? You'll find out in part 2, Sherlock. Thx for reading and remember to eat your kimchi.
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