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So it's been a couple of day's since I've put up a part but hopefully this really long one will make up for it and hope you love it. Psst some of this was because of the pictures I posted. Damn suga and his lollipop fixation (Yes I called it that) but it's just so adorable.
He is just so adorable!
The food that was served was set up with several different bowls. It wasn’t like the little tin packet steamed up that they served in economic. “There’s rice, noodles, fish cakes, soy sauce packets. That’s about all I can tell there’s two dishes I don’t know” Trinity said. “That’s okay” I shrugged. I tried the rice first, which tasted . . like rice and than the noodles which had a slight spicy taste to them. I combined a fish cake with it and it was rubbery but not bad. I dug right into the rest and enjoyed the food. It was good. “This is so good” Trinity said when she finished a few of the dishes, “And that was kimchi. I don’t know what the other one was but it was spicy” she added. “I feel like I just had fine cuisine” I told her than laughed. “Gosh the last time I had airplane food it tasted like so much seasoning even in the rice. This isn’t bad. I could actually eat this” I told her. When we were done I was full and wanting something to drink. I got a soda from the lady and finished that off. “Oh my god they have the movie You’re my pet!” Trinity said as she went through the channels. “I’ve wanted to see that!” she exclaimed. “Go ahead. I’m going to turn it on but I’m going to write. I have this amazing idea for a story now” I told her. “Oh, what about?” she asked. “Our trip to Korea” I told her. “Not what you think. I did the same thing when I went to Ireland I wrote a short story but that had family history involved” I told her. “You mean the one with your ancestors coming from Ireland and how the girl went on work with her boss for a photo shoot and than ended up telling him the story” she questioned remembering the book. “Yup. where it sounded like a cinderella story with the evil step mom kicking all the kids out and than her moving to america” I added. “This isn’t going to be like that. Just two crazy friends visiting Korea and sightseeing” I told her. “That sounds interesting” she nodded. “Alright fine you write I’m going to watch the movie” she said. 5 minutes into writing I felt a poke on the top of my head. “What is it?” I asked thinking it was trinity. I had headphones in and was concentrating on my writing. There was another poke. I knocked the hand away and looked up. Instead of seeing Trinity Namjoon was looking at me. “What is it?” I asked taking out the headphone in my ear. “I’m bored” he said. “What are you doing?” he asked next. “I’m writing” I told him. I thought after eating we’d take a break from talking. “What are you writing about?’ he asked. “Just about our trip so far” I told him. He looked startled for a moment. “Writing about us?” he pointed to himself. I set the pen down and looked at him, a grin coming over my face. “Oh yes, Namjoon all about you and how your hair is so amazing and your body so sexy” I tried with a sly look but towards the end it was crumbling until I was trying so hard to keep a laugh from escaping. Half way through he could tell I was joking. “Aish, you better write that down, just to remind you how amazing is was meeting me for the first time” he grinned at me. I laughed at that and nodded to him. “What are you really writing?” he questioned. “I just said. About the trip so far. I’m writing about some of the conversations me and Trinity have had” I told him. “There have been some pretty interesting topics” he laughed agreeing with me. “Yup, and I wanted to be able to recollect the joy this has brought me” I grinned at him. “By meeting us?” he pointed to himself even as he said ‘us’ as in his friends. It made me laugh again. “That makes me happy!” Trinity said next to me. “That makes me happy to, but I meant the fun I’ve had, so far” I said. “You know we still have like 5 hours left right?” Suga questioned leaning over to look at me. All of a sudden he was just there, talking to us. “You sound like this is the end” he said making us laugh. “Yea Ari, why so serious!” Trinity spoke like she was the Joker from batman making me laugh even harder. “Okay okay I’m sorry I got in the zone” I told her. Hey consumed in something I forget where I’m at sometimes, happens to the best of us. Right? Right? Okay maybe it’s just me. “So since we have five hours left what are we going to do?” Suga questioned. Trinity shut my journal and grabbed my pen. “I spy with my little eye!” Trinity rang out as she put the pen close to her eye, cap closed. Safety first. “No, no I hear with my little ear!” I said instead. “What can you possibly say with that? I hear with my little ear something that sounds like oh you just gave it away!” Trinity said. “Nuh Uh” I sounded like a child. “Listen to this!” I tried to find a sound that was coming, but all I could hear was chattering. I grinned. “I hear with my little ear something humans make” I said. Trinity stared at me, Suga somehow had a lollipop in his mouth and Namjoon was looking around. “Human’s make a lot of noise. What kind of noise?” Suga questioned. “A meatball” Namjoon said. It confused the hell out of all of us and we just stared at him. “How do you get that?” I questioned. “I’m a genius” he grinned like a little kid. “. . . Well that was way off” I said as if that hadn’t been obvious. “But-” He started. “Loli?” Suga offered his treat to him but than crinkled his nose and stuck it back in his mouth than took it out again to speak. “No I not give you my loli” he said. “But I want the lollipop now” Namjoon whined. “I want cotton candy!” Kooki yelled out. “You can’t have cotton candy! Were on a plane!” Suga yelled out to kooki. “You got a lollipop!” Kooki whined. “I have my own personal stash” Suga said sounding proud. “Haven’t we talked about this Suga” Jin cut it in a tired voice. “If you bring it out you have to share” he added. “But Jinny” Suga whined. I looked over at Trinity, she was staring at Suga and I poked her to get her attention when I got it I grinned. “I didn’t start it” I told her. “I have no blame in this conversation” I told her making her laugh. “That baby crying” Namjoon took it serious and guessed all of a sudden making me look at him confused. “I hear with my ear” he reminded me. “Oh, there’s a baby crying?” I questioned. “That apparently wasn’t it” he shook his head. “I want the blue one” Kooki whined as Suga put his sugar stash away under the seat. “You get pink!” Suga said, like it was a bad thing. “If you don’t want it I’ll take it back” he added. “Noo! My pink Loli” Kooki said. My eyes widened. What was going on here. “Can you get me a loli?” Trinity questioned. I stared at her. “No loli for you” I said in a weird voice. “I have kitkat’s” I added. “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar” Trinity sang. “A chocolate bar that meows?” Namjoon said. I stared. “Repeat?” I asked confused by what he said. “I’ll break you a part of my kit kat bar” he grinned at me. “Is that really what you said?” I questioned as Trinity went through my bag on the floor for the chocolate. She knew me to well. Chocolate was close at hand. “Loud noise” he changed the subject looking away. it was ignored, not the right answer. “You have milky way!” Trinity exclaimed when she brought the ziplock bag of candy out. “Mine” I called at her. “No” she said as she opened it up and pulled out several bars of kitkats. “Who wants a kitkat?” she asked. I gasped. “Your giving away my chocolate!” I said eyes wide. She grinned and than turned away to look at Suga. “I’ll give you a kitkat for a lolli” she said. Suga thought for a second and than nodded. “And a milky way!” he added. Trinity grinned and handed him a kit kat and milky way. He than handed her a blue lollipop. “Why does she get blue” kooki whined seeing the exchange. “I want chocolate!” he added on. “Who else want’s a kit kat bar?” I questioned. “Chocolate!” I heard Daniella speak up. She hadn’t really gotten into the conversation that much but she was still listening. I handed over the chocolate bar, one to Panther and another to Daniella. “Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!” Daniella sang as she split the pair in half. I laughed as I handed Namjoon a chocolate bar. “I give up what was the answer?” he asked. “Hmm?” I forgot what he was talking about. “I hear with my ear something a human makes” he repeated close to what I said earlier. “Oh that!” I remembered. “Was it the sound of people talking?” Trinity questioned munching on my milky way. I glared at her. “Cheater. You know my mind” I said than laughed.
Lol suga and jungkook
Haha I really enjoy reading this...funny thing. was wondering if I missed an update and then opened the app and boom it was right there lol.