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Very very lare with these soo soo sorry. I have been very busy, school is almost over and I have finals and a bunch of other stuff so it's hard to do other stuff sorry, I'll try to post more frequently now!!
Why are all ARMYS getting the hate for what a bunch of saesang fans did to BTS on their vacation. While what they did makes me very disappointed and very angry for what they did, the whole fandom does not deserve the hate. Even if others are gonna hate, I am not gonna stop being an ARMY because of it. While I know this is supposed to be funny, it extremely hurts to see the memes bashing ARMY. While I'm probably gonna get hate for commenting this, I just feel it is unfair and extremely the point I nearly started crying. And all the bull going around about everyone in the fandom only liking the Maknae line is untrue, for I as a fan likeand support each and every one of them and @ToppDogg is right, Real ARMY support all of Bangtan, not just one member.
why does everyone make "memes" out of Army. I'm sitting here crying and feeling like shit because of these isn't because of the's because of the dumb ass netizens.
The guy eating the Mcflurry next to BTS... So jealous
@SimplyAwkward it just makes me so angry....I've tried to ignore it. others are only making it worse (I know I'm not helping either but I'm just so done) by making these hurts to be in a fandom that gets all this hate...and I don't wanna leave it. I'm not gonna leave it because of some stupid ass netizens, I just wish netizens and others would realize how stupid they are being and what they are causing.
that army one really disappointed me....not all army are like that, only the self centered makes me feel like everyone outside of the army hates this fandom because of the few netizens that are in it. real army support all of bangtan and love all of bangtan, we don't mean any harm. fake army, such as the ones who support one bts member more than the other are fake...they aren't real army.
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