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This is so unedited! I apologize :( I wanted to get this chapter up before I go on vacation. I hope it's still good. Anywho... thanks for reading! :)
Jungkook's POV "Who is this?" I asked. Nothing. I looked down at the phone Jin had convinced me was mine, and saw that the call had been ended. That's weird, I thought to myself. "Hey Jennifer," I called, "When exactly did I get this phone? And do you know a Y/N?" Jennifer walked over and snatched the phone from my hands. "Sorry about that oppa, remember when you let me borrow your phone? I must have put some numbers in there by accident." With a satisfied look on her face she handed the phone back to me. "There, I blocked her number you don’t have to worry about her anymore." I took the phone back from her hands and stared at the screen. Something felt wrong… I couldn't put my finger on it, but I swear I had heard that name before. Y/N…Y/N? Why did that sound so familiar? I grabbed my head as a sharp pain spread through it. Jin told me this would be a side effect to something, he wouldn't tell me what. He told me it was best if I didn't know. All I know is that I couldn't remember anything from the past year… and I felt like it was killing me. I shook my head and looked up at Jennifer. A smile spread over my face, she had been so understanding this past week. With all the memory loss and headaches I've been having. The last thing I can remember was the fight we had and me walking out. I don't remember going back and telling her I over-reacted. Which according to Jennifer was what I did. It's hard to believe that was a year ago and I have no memory of it. I gripped my head again as another sharp pain took over, but this time a blurry memory came with the pain... *Flashback* "Kookie! This is too high up!" A blurry figure said. Her voice was calming, almost like a lullaby. Her voice made me feel warm inside. "Jagi, it's just a Farris Wheel. I promise I won't let anything happen to you." I said as I put my arm around the blurry figure. The figure beside me gasped and buried her head in my chest. "Why did you bring me on this ride?" The figure spoke. "So I could give you this," I said while pulling out a necklace. Before I knew it the figure had taken the necklace and had engulfed me into a hug. "It's beautiful," The figure said into my shoulder, "I love you Jungkook." I pulled the figure away from my shoulder and smiled. "I love you too, Jagi." I planted a kiss on the figures forehead, I took the necklace, and began to put it on the figures neck. I looked down at the necklace, a beautiful compass pendant with a light purple birth stone in the middle now hung around the figures neck… *End of Flashback* "Jungkook! Let's Go! Because of you we are already 15 minutes late, my father will not be happy!" Jennifer said in an irritated tone. She grabbed my coat and shoved it in my hand as we made it out the front door. I stopped as soon as we set foot outside. My mind was still racing with the sudden memory that had appeared. Was that a memory or a dream? Who was the girl? And where was that necklace now? Y/N's POV "You knew! You knew this whole time and you just let it happen?!" I screamed at Jimin. He had told me everything, why my father was so willing to let me see Jungkook. He knew this whole time Jungkook wouldn't remember me. He told me about the "pill" that had been given to him by one of my father's underground dealers. He also told me about the deal, between my father and a neighboring gang leader, for his daughter's benefit… A deal that involved Jungkook. Tears were starting to blur my vision and the room felt like it was getting smaller and smaller by the second. "Y/N there's nothing I could have done! Business is business!" Jimin yelled back. He had been pacing the room for an hour now trying to get me to see why my father had done this. But no matter how much he explained things from my father's standpoint I couldn't understand why… Why my father had to take Jungkook from me? Why he pretended like everything was okay? Why he would do this to his only daughter?
let me explain lol. the story doesn't suck her situation sucks. Now that her dad is finally ok with her meeting him he won't even know who she is.
Welll.. no words..
lol @lilbr0wneyes I know what ya meant 😉
that sucks
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