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What Weird Things Do YOU Do?

Maybe I don't apply my chapstick as liberally as this guy, but I do know I do some things myself that are pretty weird.

- When I blowdry my hair, I count backwards from 100.
- When I read magazines, I start from the back page, not the front.
- When I apply perfume, I spray it in front of me and then sashay~ into the mist.

What do you do that's kind of weird?

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omg! everything I'm thinking about is too gross for the public
a year ago·Reply
@danidee I don't believe it either but other people would beg to differ
a year ago·Reply
sashay into the perfume mist (you are not alone) and the color of my handbag must match my shoe color (even flip flops)
a year ago·Reply
I can only odd! His face!!! Omgahd, his fucking face!!!!! X'D
a year ago·Reply
sAmeee with the perfumee
a year ago·Reply