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Grapefruit is known for being a very sour fruit, but you can fix that by adding some condensed milk and putting it to rest on the fridge. This way you get to lower the amount of calorie intake and also enjoy a very expensive dessert for less!
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@roselee89 hahahahaha exactly!!!!! I came up with this idea caz i saw this in one of the shows but I think its a brilliant ideaaaa! making it yourself and saving moneyyy :D
@miranpark88 yeah i think condensed milk goes really well with a strong coffee. vietnamese style coffee @tapsamai
@curtisb uhhhhh that actually sounds really good! and maybe put them in ice cubes and have them for dessert? :D
wow thats a great idea!
@curtisb its been crazy hot in koreaaa so i've been obsessed wtih freezing everythin and eating themmm