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SmutAngst ▪Rated M ▪Foul language ▪BoyxBoy ▪ReaderxIdol

☠Enter with caution☠



What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy?
A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! ☆MY PHOTO EDITING! I will be having different cover photo☆ 》Need to catch up《 ° Part 9 ° Part 8 ° Part 7 ° part 6 ° part 5 ° part 4.1 ° part 4 ° part 3 ° part 2 ° part 1 ° preview
It was late at night when Bobby was walking home from the market. he was lost in his thought all day as he couldn't stop thinking about what happen today at school. Bobby really want to see B.I he wanted to work things out with him he felt awful on how things turn out today. Bobby wasn't even sure if their still together or not. Bobby just wanted it all to stop, he wants to go back to when they where at YG training camp. He miss how they played how B.I smiled so beautifully and how they'd sneak around at night. When everything was okay. When they didn't worry about thing or anyone. When the world felt safe to them. "I miss you" Bobby whisper to himself "Bobby!" Bobby heard a familiar voice and looked behind him, it was junhoe. He was running in such a hurry he looked worried. "What's wrong dude" Bobby ask Junhoe who was out of breath "hurry and catch your breath and tell me why your in such a rush" Bobby advise him "B I ran away from home and nobody can find him his mother worried sick" Junhoe said Bobby drop the bags of groceries and took off running to find B.I, he didn't want anything happening to him. Bobby ran without stopping without a thought of anything else but B.I and how he praying he okay. Bobby ran to the arcade where they use to go and skip school together there But B.I wasn't there. Bobby ran to the park where they walked around and talk about everything but not a single soul was there. finally he took the train all the way to the beach and there he was sitting down staring at the ocean. Bobby ran over to him, tackling him down and embracing B.I in his arms. "Thank god your okay" Bobby hugged B.I B.I look confused and shocked to see Bobby. Bobby started to hear B.I sob and pulled away to see him crying Bobby heart ached. Bobby wrap his arms around B.I again and embrace him in his arms and stroked his hair. "She won't accept me Bobby" B.I sob "Who won't B.I" Bobby asked him "my mother she said it's just a phase I'm going through" B.I went on to tell Bobby what happen. B.I told Bobby about how his mother told him to never say those word again. That her son likes girls and that he is going to marry a beautiful girl and have children and keep the name of their family going on for generations after generation. How she told him that it's wrong to like another boy that its a sin and that people like that will never be accepted in the world. B.I didn't know what to do he had always listen to his mother and did as she said but he knew what she said was wrong. He loves Bobby more then life it self and that kiss he had with (Y/N) wasn't anything to him. B.I tried to force himself into liking girls so many times because he knew his mother wouldn't accept him the way he is. Bobby listen carefully as B.I open up and how recently B.I found out his father isn't her biological father but he still grow hate through her because his father would rather be with a child that isn't really his. B.I also told Bobby about his plan and how he never meant to fall for Bobby but as they grow closer he couldn't help but feel so happy. for the first time in life B.I actually felt so happy and his smile was a real smile filled with joy. B.I told Bobby when they had their first kiss that was the first time in life B.I ever felt like the world had stop and butterflies in his stomach. How he miss it when it was only just him and Bobby at the lake at night. He wanted it to be like those time. he wanted to go back in time and tell himself to give in to Bobby that night at the camp when they where about to go all the way. Bobby smiled as he kissed B.I "B.I tell me you love me" Bobby requested "What?" b.i said "You've never actually told me you loved me" Bobby said "I just fucking cried to you about my feelings and you really don't believe my feeling for you" B.I argues. "I believe them but I just want to hear your sweet lips say those words my heart yearns to hear" Bobby explains. B.I blushed and looked away, Bobby found this cute and lean in and kiss B.I on the cheek. B.I looked at Bobby then kiss him. Bobby kissing him back as he slowly moves In close causing B.I to lay down on his back as Bobby claimed on top of him. they continue kissing as Bobby slide his fingers through B.I silk hair. B.I let out a moan that startled Bobby. he pulls away and stares at B.I "What? why you stop?" B.I asked "let's go" Bobby grab B.I hand and took off running. Bobby went to the nears motel and got a room he dragged b.i into the room. without wasting any time they begin to remove their clothing Bobby taking B.I sweater and shirt as B.I unbuttoned Bobby jeans. Their lips never separating since they enter the room. B.I drops down onto the bed as Bobby begins to kiss his body; B.I shivers. Bobby lips felt so warm against his cold skin. Bobby caressed B.I Body form as he got close to his jeans. slowly and teasingly he undone b.i pants as he slowly pulls them off along with his briefs. B.I gasp as Bobby kiss the head and licks his member as he bites down on his lip. "Bobby... please save me..." B.I whisper as he pulled Bobby in for a kiss. Bobby gets in between B.I legs without any warning as he kissed his neck. B.I raked his finger across Bobby back as he grind his hips a bit. B.I grabs Bobby hand and licks his fingers in a very sexy and seducing away. Bobby moist his lips with his tongue as he slide his hand down B.I legs moving it towards his ass. Bobby left B.I hips a bit as he turns him on his stomach, pushing his chest down and ass up as he slowly starts to rub B.I hole. B.I moved away it felt so weird to him yet he wanted it so bad Bobby crawls over to him calming him down as he caressed his check and moves in for a kiss laying B.I back down on his back as he spreads his legs and slips in finger in his ass. slowly and carefully he move it around as B.i felt so weird and squirm around a bit. Bobby chuckled a bit. Finally it began to feel better to B.I as he let out small hums of pleasures. "I'm going to put in another finger okay" Bobby warns B.I as he nods his head okay while bitting down on a shirt of bobbys. Bobby slips in two fingers now as he moves them inside of b.i round and round in out B.I shudder as Bobby played with him. Bobby lean down towards B.I member as he kiss the head and dip his tongue into slit. then wrapping his lips around it while he still continue fingering B.I slowly. B.I let out a lusting moan of desire as he gripped Bobby hair while his breathing became heavy and hotter. Bobby then slip in another finger now having 3 fingers inside of B.I as he slammed his palm against B.I ramming all fingers in. B.I moving his hips to the pace of Bobby fingers. Bobby pulled away from B.I member as he kiss his lips messy and sloppily. B.i slip his tongue into bobby mouth as he sucked onto Bobby tongue. so caught in the moment Bobby adjusted himself near B.I asshole and shoved his member in without warning, cause B.I back to arch forward and yelp. the feeling was still a bit painful and uncomfortable for B.I since it was his first time ever. Bobby pushed his member in deeper as he pushed his hips upward lifting B.I up a bit. Bobby grab a hold of B.I Slim waist as he rammed his member slowly in and out back and forth. B.I eyes were shut tight as he tried to ignore the stinging feeling. But the feeling was only lingering more as B.I let out small grunts of pain as he digger his nails into bobbys arms. slowly and carefully Bobby continued grinding his hip as he give pecks of kiss to B.I. Finally B.I started to loosen up a bit more as Bobby continued. B.I started to feel such a good and pleasuring rubbing feeling as Bobby member fit so perfectly within him. B.I gripped onto the bed sheets as he groan and toss his head back. Bobby pick up his pace as he went in deeper and faster, B.I rolling his eyes back nearly Cumming. B.I pulled Bobby in close causing Bobby to ram in deep completely. B.i let out a loud moan. Bobby kissed B.I neck as he nibbled on his earlobe. For the first time in life B.I shed tears of joy as he wraps his arms around Bobby. their Bobby press close to each other and they keep going. Bobby rolled over as he sat B.I onto his lap. B.I grunted as he sinked down onto his member. Bobby moaning made B.I so aroused as he rolled and grind his hips, pressing his ass down more of Bobby and moving up and down. Bobby licked his lips as his eyes stared at B.i body filled with sweat he look so sexy on top of him. bobby enjoying the view and the yummy feeling of being deep inside of B.I lusting body Bobby swear he could die happily right now. The mood became intense as B.I yelp for more. Bobby slamming Him onto his lap causing B.I to moan loud the bed creak and the head broad slam against the wall. The night was hot and steamy the room filled with the smell of sex and sweat.Tonight was the night they finally became one, the night their body became one together. B.I forgettting about all his worries as every ounce of pain erasing from his heart as it filled up with love and caring touches. Bobby kissed him so sweetly as he whisper such loving words that cause B.I to cry a bit. "I love you so much Bobby " B.I whisper with one last gasp of breath. Bobby look into B.I eyes that filled with such lovely passion in them. Bobby smiled with teary eyes as he rolled on top of B.I "say it again" he begged "I love you" B.I smiled as he kissed Bobby "I love you too HanBin!!!" Bobby cried out as he held B.I into his arms. Bobby laying down as B.I resting his head on his chest; breathing heavily. Bobby kiss B.I forehead as he slowly fell to sleep. Bobby looked up at the ceiling and wish that this moment would last forever. ☆°•°•°•°•°☆°•°•°•°•°•°☆°•°•°•°•°•°•☆°•°•°•°•°•°☆ The next morning they walked home together it was 8 in morning when they arrived both B.I and Bobby parents waiting outside of B.I house. "Bobby!" his parents call to him. "Hanbin!" His mother call to him. they look at each other as they walked over to them. Bobby father stared angrily at him as he walked on over. B.I mother pulls him into her arms as she cried out telling him to never leave that he all she has left. B.I holding back his tears as he hugs her back. Bobby watched as B.I hugs his family, he could feel the sadness B.I was feeling. Bobby father grabs Bobby by the shirt as he smacks him across the face. "Honey please wait." Bobby mother crys out. B.I let's go of his mother as he turns to find Bobby onto the ground. He runs over to Bobby said his back still being a bit in pain he drops down on his knees beside Bobby. "are you okay?" Bobby asked B.I he notice the discomfort B.I was in. "I'm okay are you okay" B.I caressed the wounds Bobby already had from when he had hit him. "Don't touch my son you disgusting creature" Bobby dad grabs B.I by his hoody as he toss him side. B.I mother runs towards him and hugs him telling B.I to stop before he gets hurt. Bobby father lefts Bobby up by the front of his shirt. his mother pleading his father to stop with so much agony in her voice. "where were you?" Bobby father ask him "I was with Hanbin" Bobby reply "What where you doing with that thing Bobby!!" he shouts "HIS NAME IS HANBIN!! AND I LOVE HIM!" Bobby confessed to his father. "Don't you dare speak none sense do you hear me!" His father smack him again as he drop him to the ground. Bobby mother runs on over in front of bobbys as she begs his father to stop but he only grabs her and moves her a side. he grabs Bobby and hit him again telling him to snap out of that stupid phase he was in. Bobby looked over at B.I he tries to run towards him but his mother holding onto him tightly. "You shall never meet that boy again do you hear me!" his father yells "I can meet who ever I want! and I'm going to marry him" Bobby argued back "Marry!? are you stupid what makes you think he feels the same huh" his father yells at Bobby. "Because we've made love last night!! we became one" those word echoed through his father mind. he grab Bobby and tosses him to the car along with his mother and drove off. B.I finally getting his mother to let go he watched as they drove off. "he have to help him mom" B.I walk over to his Mother who step away from him, B.I felt hurt by her action. "eomma" he whispered "your moving to U.S with your grandmother do you hear me pack your things your leaving tomorrow" she said as she walked away into the house. B.I ran into the house begging her to not make him move with tears falling as he fell to his knees. he plead and beg her but she only ignored him as she push him away. B.I cried out with so much pain as he gripped his chest. ☆°•°•°•°•°○°•°°•°•°•°•°☆°•°•°•°••°○°•°•°•°•°•°☆ Bobby fell to the ground as every ounce of pain was hit felt from the hit. His father grab Bobby and strip him down as he turn the shower on with cold water. after beating the hell out Bobby he toss him to the shower and scrubbing him roughly leaving rash marks all over his body. Bobby did nothing as he was left in the tub alone naked and bruised. His mother ran in as she wrapped a towel around him and took him to this room and laid down onto his bed. She looked for his PJ when she hears him crying B.I name in sorrow. his mother ran towards her son as she held him tightly she never wanted to see this happen to him. that why she would hide Bobby secret from his father. she laid next to him petting his wet hair. "You really love that boy don't you Bobby" she said "so fucking much" he cried harder. "I'm sorry sweetly I couldn't protect you from the hurtful world" Bobby cried himself to asleep the next morning Bobby wasn't allowed to leave home until he went back to school. a week pass and Bobby was driven to school. Bobby ran out the car and into the school he rush his way to his class in hope to see B.I his heart races as he couldn't wait to see B.I again. Bobby open the class room door and look around but he wasn't there. Bobby walks to his desk as he waited for B.I. Junhoe and Jinhwan walked into class Bobby stood up and rush over to them; They look surprised. "Hey have you see B.I?" Bobby asked desperately Junhoe and Jinhwan looked at each other then back at Bobby. Junhoe shrugged his shoulders as he walked over to his desk. Bobby look at Jinhwan with puppy like eyes how was Jinhwan suppose to tell Bobby the truth with eyes like that. Jinhwan raked his hair then rubbed the back of his neck. "Um..." "Where Hanbin Jinhwan?" Bobby asked again "Bobby... B.I moved to the U.S his mother sent to live with his grandparents." Jinhwan told him Bobby knees weaken as he walked out of his class, running out of the school Bobby ran towards B.I home. the house was empty. He knocked repeatedly as he called out b.i name over and over again. Bobby begging for it all to be a lie as he slide down to the ground as he cried into his knees. Bobby finds a letter under the carpet and pulls it out.
°•°••°•°••°°•°••°•☆•°••°•° Dear Bobby IT felt like the world had crash on top of me as if the sky had fallen down and the sun had burn out. I didn't know that I'd end up losing you. that all of this would have happen to us. i didn't expect things to turn out this way. we were young and navi. Living life by the neck. who would have know that we'd be taken away from joy and happiness path by the people we called Mom and dad. I'm sorry I've cause you so much pain. I love you Bobby please don't forget about me. thank you for being my friend my hope my love and my reason to living. thank you for existing My cute little bunny. sincerely B.I °•°•°•°•°☆°•••°•°•°••°•°•°•°•°•☆
Bobby let out a loud cry as he gripped the letter. he didn't know what to do anymore everything was meaningless to him now that he lost his other half. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"OMG look it's ikon!!! their finally debuting!!" "OMG look at Chanwoo he so cute!!" "LOOK AT YUNHYEONG SEXY ASS!!" "OMG look at DongHyuk!! he so freaking FIIINNNNNEEEE" "YAH! SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I'M TRYING TO FORCE ON MY WORK HERE!" B.I yelled at his sisters who spazz over Ikon "OH MY GOD IT'S JUNE HIS VOICE MAKE ME MELT!!" his younger sister yeri shouted "OH LOOK AT HIS CUTE SMALL FACE OMG LOOK AT JINHWAN!!!!" his old sister Yuna screamed "seriously stop their just idols with to much God damn make up on" B.I comments "OH MY GOD IT'S AHHHHH!!! BOBBY!!!!" Both his sister shout in unison. B.I run out of his seats as he runs towards the TV "YG would like to introduce his new group IKON. They be recruiting one more member so YG will be traving from Korea to Japan and China and LA so anyone male boy are free to try out." Daesung announced on TV as Ikon stood in the background. "1 2 3 Show time!" Ikon shouts B.I stares with a small smile at the TV as he notice Bobby glowing smile. "haha he so ugly it's cute" B.I murmurs to himself as he chuckles. "Oppa you should try out!" B.I sister yeri nudge him. "OMG you should and introduce us to June and Jinhwan" Yuna said. "Ah your funny he won't want you" B.I said "our any girl in general" He said under his breath. "Yo I'm Bobby and I'll be see all you guys who have the guts to come and try and be a part of Ikon" B.I smirks as he watches the TV. his sister spazzing like crazy so he throw a pillow at them! "Yah why did mom send you guys to LA with me ugh annoying"B.I chuckled
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@twistedPuppy what have u done? Oh my heartu *clutching chest and falling to the ground*, just when they get together they are separated, wae?*sobs*
@lilbr0wneyes ^_^ I glad you enjoy it and I know I felt bad for making him get beat so bad @Sammie99522 I enjoy killing that way xD jk
well thank you for listening to me and letting them kiss and make up lol. I feel so bad for them now being separated after a wonderful night together. poor Bobby getting the shit beat out of him from his dad 😢. Now BI is being sent to the US. I can't wait for the next chapter I really hope they get to reunite and start where they left off. great job on this chapter @twistedPuppy so glad they "finally became one"
😢😢 I don't know if I should cry or not My poor babies!!! Vinny my love you are killing me quite literally 😅😘💗💗💗
I want to see more I feel bad for the boys I hope everything goes ok in the next chapter
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