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White t-shirts are the best options for a hot summer. It's flattering and easy to match anything. The only thing that is potential bad about a pearl white top is sweat stains.
By the way, sweat stain is NOT caused by sweats. Sweat is colorless and the yellow tint is a result of a chemical reaction caused by your deodorants (antiperspirants). The truth is antiperspirants only block the sweat pores and not the production of sweat. Also, deodorant do not last forever. Once the antiperspirant is no longer effective, the sweat build up in the sweat glands will pushed through the pores. As a result, your shirt will be stain with a combination of sweat and antiperspirants causing a yellow discoloration. Those easy stains aren't so tough to tackle if you treat it right. Below is an easy sweat stain remover hack for white shirts!
TIP: After spritzing the stain, gentle rub the fabric together to lift the stain. A sprinkle of table salt will make it easier to rub (but you want to make sure the stain spot is damp before you do this. After rubbing it, let it sit for an hour before tossing it in the washer.

If you have another easy method! Feel free share them. =)

@YumiMiyazaki You're welcome! =)
Baking soda is very good @cindystran. The mixture I use has that and Borax in it.
@EasternShell how do you pretreat them? Usually baking soda works for me to keep them white.
Great tip. I pretreat my delicate whites as soon as I take them off. Let them dry on velvet or drip dry hangers in the shower. Then toss into the laundry. It seems like a lot of work, but underarm stains are not my only worries. I can not keep white clean.
Omg thank you!