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This is what kpop has done to me
I'd say I need therapy but have a feeling I'd turn my therapist into a hardcore kpopper by blasting Rhythm Ta by iKON during a therapy session to show what kpop turned me into. While we both create 9.0 earthquakes and dust storms combined we're dancing that hard. And as a result, she'd need therapy as well. And then Id feel bad because I did that to her. But then again, would feel proud cus at least I managed to help a person in their time of need(in this case needed the holy spirit of kpop in their soul) and passed the puff puff kpop magic wand. And isn't that what adults want us to do? Simple act of sexiness that needed to be delivered wrapped in a smoky bacon flavor called kpop. Whoever my therapist ends up being in the future, good luck coping with me and enjoy tasting smoked kpop bacon that will never leave your mouth. I mine as well write a will just in case I die of laffy taffy sexiness aka kpop. Hope wherever I end up has a computer cus Id still be listening to it while turning skeletons into twerking kpoppers using their heads as personal cymbals and collect food wrappers as their clothing line to recreate idol's fashion.