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My definition of being positive
It's a win-win for all. And no police officers would have to hear me singing kpop all day as I'm shoved into the car then be forced to kick me out because I sound like a mermaid on meth.
And comes back holding an MJ CD and a determined look and says, "Today, history will be born" and slides it in the CD player in his car and presses play. And somehow he becomes my singing coach and food guru for the hottest fast food places. But it turns out the officer worked for Big Hit Entertainment and was in search of people that could be in BTS' s upcoming music video. And chose me since I went from singing like a turtle on drugs to a cat who had too much catnip. But hey, at least it's in progress. And a few years pass by and we laugh about it while he says he can understand why I was being handcuffed because being without music does crazy things to the mind and feel as if you're being handcuffed of your freedom by hearing the outside world. And we part ways with the promise of staying in contact and fangirling about kpop over pizza the next time we see each other. That sounded so much better in my head. Cop goals af, though if I do end up getting handcuffed in the future, I doubt the police secretly work in the kpop music industry. Oh well, at least I'm thinking positive thoughts, right? Just nod. Probably need therapy, too.