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An Arizona woman was arrested last week after she was caught at border check with $3,000 worth of methamphetamine.

Customs officers were originally going to let her through, but then drug-sniffing dogs smelled something quite suspicious in her bag of burritos.e

Yes, these burritos right here were filled with not beans, not rice, not even a little carne asada, but an entire pound of meth.

Apparently, she was being paid $500 to get the drug into Tuscon, but her Mexican food guise wasn't all too convincing.

The moral of the story is drugs don't pay. And don't put weird ingredients into our beloved tortillas. Burritos only please.

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such shame. burritos should be cherished and devoured. not used in devious plots tsktsk
that is a waste on a burrito
@RiggaFoster Bahahaha, you're right. This really is a testament to how well-trained drug dogs are.
guess she thought she could trick the dogs and make the handlers believe the dogs just wanted the food. Surprise dummy!!!!!! you can't trick a drug dog that easily! lol.
Yes it is haha @danidee
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