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His hands trailed down your bare sides, leaving burning trails of fire in their wake. Arching your back, you let out a low breathy moan when you felt his lips at the valley of your breasts. Kihyun placed open mouthed kisses at the exposed skin, hands pushing up your bra so that he could grope your ample chest. His fingers played with the hem of your panties teasingly, sliding lower so he could cup you with his palm.
“Kihyun…” You whimpered softly, pushing and grinding against his hand. You reached up, hands splaying themselves on his back, smiling when you felt him shiver at the contact. You decided to tease him in return, softly raking your nails down his back, eliciting a surprises groan from him. His jaw ticked as he bit his lip, eyebrows furrowing as he glared weakly down at you.
“Why the look, ja-gi-ya?” You asked in a sing-song voice with an innocent smile. Your boyfriend leaned in, ignoring the question, until you could feel his breath against your lips.
“You naughty girl. Didn’t I say no touching?” His voice lowered in tone significantly, causing a shock of arousal to shoot through you. He licked his lips, seeing the reaction to his sudden change of character. “Maybe I should leave you here, soaked and waiting to be stretched–
You let out a low whine at his words,” Fuck–baby please… Fill me up.”
You noticed him swallow at your words; a small rush of pride at how you could make him react to you. Two could play at this game.
Slowly, ever-so-slowly, he divested you of your undergarments, leaving you bare and wet, waiting for him to just take you. Each second that passed made you more impatient. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pulled himself out from his pants, stroking his already engorged member.
“Mm, look at you, Y/N,” He spoke, your heart pounding at the raspiness of his voice,” Spreading your legs for me,” Reaching between your legs, he slipped a finger inside of you, easily causing you to keen,” So sexy.”
You still couldn’t get over the fact that someone who was seen as cute was actually like this in private. Seeing him hovering above you, mischief and arousal swimming in his chocolate orbs, pupils blown as he wore a dangerous look. His fingers played with your body, knowing just when and where to thrust and curl them inside you to elicit the most filthy sounds he could.
When he slipped in two more fingers, you became breathless and even more desperate for a more satisfying stretch. Your fingers ghosted down his back and down to his bare backside, groping it when your hands reached their destination, earning a soft groan against your lips before pushing him closer to you.
“Baby,” You whimpered softly, nibbling on his lower lip, knowing how much it turned him on,” Please… I want it so bad.”
“Fuck…” He muttered under his breath, giving you a few more languid and agonizing thrusts of his fingers before withdrawing them. His tongue swiped over his lips at the sight of your opening trying to clench for something to fill it. Kihyun placed each of his palms beside your head after he angled you up and secured your legs around his waist. A high-pitched moan slipped past your lips at the anticipation of what was to come, an inferno long burning inside of you about to be quenched. Your boyfriend stroked himself a couple times, mostly just to give you a show (which you wouldn’t mind if you weren’t aching for him to just fuck the living daylights out of you).
“Kihyun–hurry the fuck up…” You growled impatiently. Sending you a haughty smirk, he took his time in slipping himself inside you. Feeling the flared head of his member at your opening; pressing, tracing it in circles but not penetrating, you felt like crying. You were so desperate. You wanted it so bad.
“Shh, Y/N… I’ll make you feel so good,” His hot breath tickled your ear as a long, drawnout moan pushed passed your lips at the feel of him making his way inside of you, the slow stretch driving you insane and leaving you a panting mess,” I’ll make you scream, Y/N. I’ll fuck you so well, so hard, you won’t be able to walk.”
He was so good at pleasuring you. He teased to the point of desperation but he never took it further than that. Kihyun made sure to make up for it by fucking your brains out. You nodded absentmindedly, mind already drowning in pleasure as he pushed further into your body. You breathlessly moaned his name, back arching the deeper he went until he bottomed out. You trembled beneath him, looking like the epitome of sex with blown pupils, a deep flush that spread to your chest, swollen lips and scattered hickies along your body.
You were about to tell him to hurry up but without warning, he withdrew, leaving only the head before pistoning forward, hitting the spot he knew so well within you, a loud cry of his name ripping from your throat. He maintained a rough and fast pace, the obscene sounds of your lips connecting and from between you, skin-on-skin, echoed within the room. His pace was anything but sweet and gentle, which you fucking loved, and in no time, he was drilling you into the twin sized mattress. Your hands flew above your head and groped for something to find purchase on, finding the pink pillow he slept on. Your eyes were screwed shut as the deluge of pleasure slammed into you repeatedly, his name coming from your lips like a mantra.
He was almost as vocal as you, moaning at how good you felt, how well you took his cock. You could vaguely hear the bedframe slamming against the wall from your lust induced haze and wondered if you were being too loud but that thought flew right out of your mind when your felt Kihyun pushing your legs back, until your knees almost touched your shoulders, his hands resting on the back of your thighs as he upped the ante. You were so close and you knew he was, too, with the switch in position. His thrusts were growing sloppier; he was chasing both your orgasms at this point, mainly your’s because one of his hands slipped between the two of you, thumb rubbing your clit in circles.
“Oh my god, Kihyun… Kihyunnie, I’m cumming–”
“Me too, baby. So good for me,” He breathed,” Cum for me, Y/N. Oh, fuck…”
You pulled him down for a kiss, which was basically just tongue and teeth, arching as you threw your head back at the force of your orgasm shooting through you, toes curling as he swallowed up the load moan of his name. Kihyun followed a few thrusts later, unable to withstand the vice grip your body had on him, coaxing him to fill you up as you milked him into completion.
He collapsed onto the bed beside you, spent. His arms wrapped around you as he pulled you closer, a loving kiss being placed onto your forehead as he brushed your hair from your face in a gentle manner.
“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered softly with that sweet smile of his. You mirrored it with one of your own and placed a lazy kiss under his jaw, mumbling tiredly,” I love you, too, Kihyun.”

@staceyholley I love when you speak sweetly to me 😘😘😘
@PrettieeEmm I simultaneously hate you and love you
Swerving again....
Honestly any time I read a fanfic and it has the work "fuck" in it I can't take it as a sexy word my brain just automatically reads it " FUCK!!!" Lol I love this one though he looks to cute to be doing this XD ......
@VatcheeAfandi99 aww 😘😘
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