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Jooheon heaved doing his best to make it up the trail. He was drenched in sweat, desperately drinking up the remnants of his water bottle. What the hell was he thinking? Agreeing to go on a hike with you. Sure you two were still in that honeymoon phase of your relationship, everything was new and he was still trying to impress you.
When you asked if he wanted to go on a hike with you he was picturing something a little smaller. Instead of the seven mile hike up a mountain the two of you had made.
You stretched happily taking a swig of your water. You loved hiking, but you very rarely got to go on longer ones. You could tell how hard he was trying to keep up, but he insisted he was ok. You set down your backpack and tugged your jacket off. There was always that feeling you got after a hike; That warmth that surged through your whole body. Looking back toward the path you laughed seeing your boyfriend in the distance. “Jooheon~ Are you sure you don’t want help?”
“Nah, I got this!” he panted slowly making his way over to you. Eventually he reached you, keeling over and collapsing on his knees. “See! No problem. I told you I’d be ok”
Giggling you handed him your water bottle. “Here, hot shot”
Looking up at you, he graciously accepted the water, chugging it back. Once his heart calmed down he looked over at you, seeing you patting away the sweat on your neck and chest. Making him finally take notice that you were wearing nothing but a thin camisole, sports bra, and shorts.
His eyes raked down your body as you loosened your hair tie, letting your tresses fall over your shoulder. He licked his lips just taking you in. The way your chest rose and fell, how your sweat made your top cling to your skin, or even how flustered you were from the hike. “What are you doing to me…?” he whispered to himself. Is it bad enough that he spent the last hour staring at your bottom as you made your way up the mountain, but to see you being so effortlessly sexy drove him over the edge.
Running your hand through your hair you looked up at him. “Hm? What is it?” You stared at him, seeing how his eyes darkened “Jooheon-” He moved in closer to you, slipping his jacket off before backing you up into a tree. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you took in a breath.
He gripped your hip, pushing his body against yours; Letting you feel just how much he needed you against your warmth. He groaned against the shell of your ear. “You aren’t being fair”
You gasped feeling him lift your bra up, exposing your hardened bud through your top. “Y-Yahh…not here, someone m-might see us..”
He chuckled trailing kiss from your ear downward to your breast. “But it’s more fun that way jagi” he grinned biting down on your nipple through your shirt. “Isn’t it?”
A soft whimper escaped your lips as you ran your hands through his hair, tugging just slightly. “Jooheon please…”
He licked his lips turning you around roughly, pressing himself against your back. “Please what? Tell me exactly what you want.” his hand slipped inside your shorts, his fingers rubbing you through your panties. “You’re really wet for someone that didn’t want to do it out here” He pressed a kiss against the nape of your neck. “You’re really adventures aren’t you?”
He continued you teasing you with his fingers, drawing soft circles over your clit. You could feel your knees weakening as you desperately gripped at the mountains. “J-Jooheon~”
He loved watching your body heat up for him. He unzipped his pants, pumping himself a few times while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. “You ready for me jagi…?” he slowly slid your shorts and panties down your leg before bending you over. His hands traced down your spine, letting his fingertips dance along your skin before giving your behind a firm smack. “Damn you’re beautiful…” he whispered pressing himself against you.
He had a little too much fun just rubbing against you, your desperate moans music to his ears. He gripped your hips firmly before finally sliding into you. He kept his pace firm and quick wanting to give you as much pleasure in as little time possible.
He grinned as you arched your back against him, moving your hips to meet his own. “Atta girl..” he gave your behind another playful smack. He slipped his free hand under your shirt, tugging at your nipple as he took you.
“Jooheon! I’m close please…Jooheon-ah” you bit down on your lip in a desperate attempt to silence your moans as he came with you. You both collapsed to your knees, panting heavily.
He chuckled removing himself from you and kissing your cheek softly. “We should go hiking more often”

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