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HOLY Crap!!! I'm not going to lie I went Into this movie thinking it was going to suck cause I was hearing bad things here and there so for that reason my expectations were low....... and thank God they were low lol cause my gosh me, my mind was BLOWN AWAY walking out of the movie! I was entertained by this movie and there was sad moments and awesome,badass, and OH MY GOSH moments hahah I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Of corse the movie is not perfect but it didn't suck it wasn't garbage it was a fun entertaining movie and it had me on the EDGE OF MY SIT alot of the times! I love OSCAR ISAAC as Apocalypse hahah I was scared of this guy lol so If a villian strucks fear in me lol or gives me chills then he's a very good villian in my book haha I rater the movie a 8/10 >:) There was some small things for me that I was a little bit meeeh about lol but in the end I really enjoyed it! Heck I loved the movie so much I even edit one of the posters hahaha ;) @LAVONYORK @Ticasensei @LeonardGrahamJr @Tomoki @NickMcCormick @JayKumor @Jax97 @Winx9119 @Soulstice @Thomasamolina @ChrisCopeland @jjbosy @jjbosy @LuffyNewman @neetyro007 @earthly @RogerNunez @BrandonParantea @DereckTorres @MelissaWonders @kareemalzindani @rexamisprime @EstefanOlivares @JosephCannon @BrittanyBocaneg @Lalaichan14 @AngelofFire12 @koifries @AngelofFire12 @WinterWolf027 @WinterWolf027 @DamianWalker @SSJAKUMA5 @amobigbang @aaronred888 @SSJAKUMA5 @JordanSwihart @JordanSwihart @DenisseSanchez @Tomoki @Tomoki @IsraelCruz @ChangoLeon @JimTurpen @InVinsybll @AngelMartinez1 @soulfeast83 @GeovanyAguilar @Sharia @Nyan @KarenDonley @EmilianoMacias @HerosBells @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @halorblood @bcox5027 @DominatorD123 @JacobRivas @pramodsingh @Kitty9454 @MichaelCochran @AnasiaLaureano @jonathan11 @nena2kris1 @paultipps323 @yulissab2015 @AwsomeCarp @BobbieStinson @AnnaArai @EmilianoMacias @KarenDonley @GeovanyAguilar @JosiahQuick @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @bcox5027 @JacobRivas @EvanNguyen

HAIL En Sabah Nu! HAIL En Sabah Nu! HAIL En Sabah Nu!