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Large demonstrations condemning the acquittal of George Zimmerman have taken place throughout the US. In Los Angeles, protestors threw rocks at police, who responded with bean bag shots (nine were arrested). A dozen people were arrested in New York. Many community leaders are urging the protestors to continue demonstrating, but peacefully. Image: Protesters in Times Square
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@curtisb One time at UCLA the students were protesting because of the rise in tuition. The riot police came. I was just walking back to my dorm when I got caught in the middle and got shoved the by the police with their riot shields. The police won quickly, the students had no chance. Although it wasn't nearly as bad as UC Davis and UC Berkeley.
Wow, UCLA is such a good school. I actually live in westwood for some of the year. In-n-out burger is the best thing ever
@johnlee Can you mail me in-n-out burger?
@curtisb Unfortunately I'm in Korea now... so I am missing In-N-Out as much as you are!
Damn! Thats one franchise that should be everywhere