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"Reward" Hyungwon (19+)

"Thank you!“ you say as the pizza man walks away from your door. Hyungwon is waiting patiently in the living room for the pizza. You put it down on the table and just as he’s about to go for a slice you puts your hand over his and say,
"Don’t you think you should work for it?” He looks up at you smiling, knowing exactly what you’re trying to do. You raise your eyebrows at him seductively.
“Ah, yes,” he says, playing along, “lay down” He points at the fuzzy carpet you have on the floor in your living room as he says this. Winking at him suggestively you obey his orders, laying down on your back facing him. Your legs are bent slightly so he can get a view of your body. When you settle on the floor he joins you, laying down next to you on his side. Hyungwon grabs your face in his one hand and starts to kiss you roughly with his plump lips. With his other hand he massages your breasts lovingly. A growing hunger inside of you makes you put your hand closest to him on his face, bringing him closer to you. His fingers feel like fire burning your skin wherever he touches. The smell of pizza is in the air, though all you can think about is this gorgeous man lying next to you, touching you exactly where you need him to. He moves his hand down your torso and rests it atop your thighs, not yet touching your core. Your mouth begins to feel bruised from his rough attack with his own, though their is this sort of pleasure you get from it. You spread your legs to allow him to place his fingers on top of your pussy, suddenly getting impatient.
“Slow down, jagi, I’m getting there.” He says that smiling into your lips. You try to relax yourself, though it proves to be very difficult. Feeling more impatient you make an annoyed sound as he continues to kiss and tease you, his fingers brushing along your thighs.
Finally, he sticks his fingers into your pyjama bottoms and moves your panties aside to allow access to your flower. He begins to circle your clit with his pointer finger. He is leaning over you rubbing you as you move your lips down to his neck. You nibble in the spot you know he likes and he lets out a moan. You continue your work as he does his, struggling to kiss his neck from your continuous moaning His fingers feel like magic on you, rubbing up and down your slit. You cant help but thrust toward his hand as he continues. Soon he’s sticking his middle finger into your opening, using your own juices as lubrication to pump in and out of you. When you adjust to his one finger Hyungwon slips another one into you. Curling his fingers toward himself inside of you, he uses his thumb to tease your clit. He hits the right spot and you show him, with your heavy breathing, how much you’re loving it. He realizes how much you enjoy this action so he continues, moving faster. You feel yourself getting closer and closer to climax. As you hump into him going with the rhythm of his pumping, you grab onto his arms with both of you hands. You cant hold on much longer. He continues to pump and rub as you finally orgasm. Your eyes close and your hands clench onto his arms, nails digging into his flesh. You moan and writhe under him as he watches you with a hungry look in his eyes. When you’ve come back down, he has slips his fingers out of your pants and is kissing you again. You get another whiff of pizza again and open your eyes. The kiss is broken as you push him slightly away from you.
“Time to eat?” He says to you with a knowing smile on his face. You both get up off the floor and sit down on the couch to enjoy the pizza together.