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Since its the last day of Monsta X enjoy a bonus

A hiccup leaves your mouth as you plop down in Minhyuk’s lap on the couch in you living room. His arms wrap around your waist. You can smell the alcohol on him, hell, the alcohol in the room. Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and you all reek of it. It’s your birthday, and you just came of drinking age, so of course your best friends would bring you alcohol. And for that point, way too much of it. Part of you wonders if they did that on purpose, and even if they did… would you mind? This is honestly a good excuse. “Hyungwon~” You whine cutely. “Kiss me~!” A blush fills his cheeks, being the most sober in the group. “I couldn’t.” A pout forms on your face and you stand up, breaking Minhyuk’s grip on you. You messily strut your way over to the chair Hyungwon is in and drape yourself on him. “Please? Just one?” After some drunken thought, he gives you a peck on the lips. You lean your head back over the arm of the chair to look at Minhyuk. “Come on guys let’s have some fun.” Minhyuk looks too drunk to even comprehend the question, and Hyungwon is just shocked the thought crossed your mind. He forces you off his lap by standing both of you up. “I think you need…” His voice trails off when he looks down at you, your cleavage much too distracting for his intoxicated mind. “… sleep…” Your hands make their way to his button down and undo the highest button, a huge smirk on your face. “I need what?” When you go to the next button, he grabs your hands. “We’re out of our minds.” You giggle with a hiccup attached. “That’s why we’re bestfriends.” “I better be included in this,” Minhyuk slurs, pulling his t-shirt over his head and throwing it on the chair. The fact that this is happening doesn’t surprise you at all. It’s not like this is the first time, or last time, you guys decide to have a threesome. Even tipsy, you know what you’re doing, and know they know as well. It’s just what you guys do. It’s your stress reliever. Your release of energy. Your escape. Minhyuk’s soft lips kiss down your neck from behind as you continue unbuttoning Hyungwon’s shirt. Once the last button is loosened, you push the shirt off his beautiful shoulders. Just his collarbone could take your breath away. Minhyuk reaches under your short skirt and massages your clit through your underwear as Hyungwon lifts your sweater over your head. Your hips move by themselves, following his fingers in circles to increase friction. Hyungwon unhooks your bra and throws it aside, then leaning down and taking one of your nipples into his mouth. His tongue swirls around the nub, then lightly nipping at it. Everything adds to the wetness between your legs. “You might as well be dripping,” Minhyuk teases before sliding a finger past your underwear and sliding between your folds. Your hands knot themselves in Hyungwon’s hair, pulling lightly when another finger is inserted. “Fuck,” You mutter, desperately trying to find the fly of Hyungwon’s pants. After managing to undo it, he stands there sexily in tight underwear. The sight drives you crazy, so crazy you moan loudly at the third finger pressed inside of you. “Minhyuk,” You mutter, leaning your head back on his chest. Hyungwon makes his way over to the couch, then pulling off his underwear, releasing his large member. Minhyuk removes his fingers and lightly shoves you toward the couch. You straddle Hyungwon and hear Minhyuk’s pants fall to the ground from behind. Moving your panties to the side, Hyungwon positions himself, when all of the sudden a square packet comes flying at you. “Might want one of those,” Minhyuk says, then sliding a condom onto his thick manhood. You pick up the package and open it with your teeth, then taking it and rolling it down Hyungwon’s throbbing length. Again, he positions himself and you lower yourself onto him. You could never tell who felt better, but either way it felt great. Minhyuk sits beside the two of you, masturbating along. The two boys give each other a look and they move move so you can lay down on Minhyuk and Hyungwon can hover over you. Minhyuk moves you so he can slide into you. His arms wrap around your waist, holding you close to him. Hyungwon rubs your clit as his mouth again finds your breasts. He sucks on your skin, sure to leave marks. You couldn’t care. The pleasure overcoming made the entire room seem to disappear other than the two gorgeous boys before you. The feeling of Hyungwon’s tongue flicking across your clit as Minhyuk thrusts deeply into you couldn’t feel better. It gave you goosebumps. The sweat from your bodies made everything sticky. The slight dampness in Hyungwon’s hair turned you on even more. You get up and spin around so you’re facing Minhyuk, his beautiful smile making you heart race even more. He grabs at your ass, squeezing it as he gets more into it. Hyungwon places kisses on your lower back and down your thighs. Minhyuk’s thrusts get off rhythm and quiet moans leave his mouth making you know he’s close. The thought sends you over and your walls tighten around him. “M-minhyuk!” You feel him release into the condom and you body shakes slightly in his arms. “Wanna scream my name like that?” Hyungwon whispers, pulling you off of Minhyuk and onto his lap. He presses into you without warning, making you moan. He pumps into you, hard. His entire long length gets pushed into you with every thrust, loud moan leaving your mouth as he does so. Minhyuk kisses your jawline and neck, the most sensitive part of your body. You dig your fingernails into Hyungwon’s biceps, closing your eyes and screaming in pleasure. Before you know it, your orgasm comes and you scream Hyungwon’s name with a string of curses attached. He pulls out and takes off his loaded condom, handing it to Minhyuk to throw away with his. His lips meet yours messily, holding your sweaty body close to his. He laughs into the crook of your neck. “I was about to say I love you, but I suppose that’s not quite appropriate.” A smirk forms on your face. “I love you too… just don’t tell Minhyuk.” The two of you laugh as Minhyuk renters the room. “So I suppose we get our clothes back on?” You giggle. “I mean… why? You’re abs are pretty nice, Minhyuk.” He blushes, then sitting in the chair. “Better than Hyungwon’s?” “Whoa~” Hyungwon says, “want to go?” The three of you laugh and you snuggle into Hyungwon’s bare body.