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So this card will cover two days using two different sheet masks that come from the acne mask set on memebox. Bringing in deep setting dirt from my face musk have been a big chore and my chin got really spotty a few days ago... I've noticed the rest of my face with the constant use of masks has become brighter and smoother... my cheeks and for head look great, even the dark spot on my forehead... which is actually just an old scar has shrunk and just this morning peeled away for new skin. Everyone seemed to be on the snail slime bandwagon when it came to redness fighting so I slapped this one on.
I would have done a before and after but I'm telling you that this mask didn't really do a single thing for me.... it felt great and every AC mask covers my whole face but I didn't notice a reduction in redness... nor have I from any other snail slime mask...
this one I slapped on last night... I was hesitant with broken skin because tea tree oil can burn but this mask felt so calming I left it on for 45 minutes... This morning I've noticed a reduction in redness on my chin and the spots are healing. the nice part for me is the constant use of serum masks has prevented big dry clumpy scabs which I rip off my face because it's a bad habit I can't stop and they look awful under makeup.... I know ... I know....
it's great!
I didn't see this card! Haha we have the same tea tree mask!