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So I had a feeling it was going to be ikon, but I was hoping it wouldn't be. Yes ikon is my favorite group and I am super excited I can barely stand still, but this is only going to cause other "fans" of yg to hate on them more because it wasn't their group. So yes I am super excited, but all its going to do it get yg and ikon more hate than they already have... So for us real Yg stans who support each group get ready for all the hate and stay strong! <3
@Sammie99522 yeah that too. YG needs to start promoting his artists equally 😑
@JackieG1617 But yeah a lot of people are upset that it hasn't been that long since they had a comeback and got several videos while everyone else seems to be on the back burner
@JustinaNguyen but not just ic balckjacks are super upset about it as well with minzy leaving and they still aren't having a comeback. @JackieG1617
@JackieG1617 it's basically because it would show yg's obvious favoritism towards ikon. Winner didn't have their second comeback until nearly two years after their debut and since ikon had their last comeback less than a year ago inner circles (winner fans) might get angry and take it out on ikon.
@IsoldaPazo Is it Sunday yet? 😂😂
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