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So I had a feeling it was going to be ikon, but I was hoping it wouldn't be. Yes ikon is my favorite group and I am super excited I can barely stand still, but this is only going to cause other "fans" of yg to hate on them more because it wasn't their group. So yes I am super excited, but all its going to do it get yg and ikon more hate than they already have... So for us real Yg stans who support each group get ready for all the hate and stay strong! <3
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@JustinaNguyen @Sammie99522 ohhhhh ok wow it.. sounds sad but hopefully its doesn't get out of hand plus I bet the songs are amazing its better than not getting any music videos from any group at all 😕
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@JustinaNguyen That he does it upsets me, but it also is more upsetting seeing ikon get hate for it when they have no control over it at all. @JackieG1617 Ikon has gotten nothing but hate since debut it's honestly frustrating at time, but all we can do is stay by their side and support then like a lot of us do for all of yg.
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@Sammie99522 awee man it does sound really messed up that a lot of people hate them 😢 but true all we can do is support them till the end
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@JackieG1617 Yeah it really is, but I definitely will support them 💗💗💗
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