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Genre: Angst
Pairing: There ain't no pairing just yet (but it’s with all the Maknae line)
Warning: (M), Language
Length: 2485 words
Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.
Part: 4/?
On my way to Jungkook’s place, my phone notified me of another text.
From Jungkook: Doors open
I gritted my teeth, but placed the device back in my bag, not bothering to reply. That boy had some nerve. There were two reasons for his blunt messages- he was either pissed because he and his girl had had another fight, or because he saw me out with Taehyung.
Now, if it was the first reason, I have no qualms against it. Call me a home wrecker, but if he wanted to blow off some steam after a fight, fine. Even though I’d still kick his ass for being so damn rude.
But if it was the second reason..hell, god himself wouldn’t be able to protect Jungkook against my temper. He had no right to get angry over seeing me with someone else, when he himself was cheating on a girlfriend day in day out.
I barged straight in, seeing as he had told me the door was unlocked. I was about to call his name to let him know I was here when I was yanked in by the man himself. He used my body as leverage to slam the door shut and pinned me against it. He literally must have been waiting for me behind the damn door.
Naturally, I struggled to get out of his grasp, but he was much too strong. I think out of all three boys, Jungkook was the strongest. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”, I gasped angrily, winded from being pushed against the door so harshly.
“You think that’s cool? Huh? Prancing around with someone else, right in front of me... And then you went to fuck him wearing this pretty little dress?” His voice was ice cold, and I could tell he was on the verge of full on shouting at me. My eyes narrowed at his words. So it was the second reason that had him so angry. Right then.
“So what?”, I challenged, not letting his strength or anger intimidate me. “You were on a fucking date, you hypocrite! And guess what? I can do whatever the fuck I want!”
“You mean whoever the fuck you want”, he smiled humourlessly, his eyes which were usually dark from lust, now dark with rage.
“Let go of me”, I growled, my blood boiling. He reminded me of Yoongi. Once when I had a staff party at work and got home late, I had been in this exact situation- and the night had ended with him beating me until I couldn’t move. I had stayed on the floor in the foetal position until morning, when he had apologised and hugged me, promising me it’d never happen again. And I had foolishly accepted his apology.
I acted on impulse and kicked Jungkook in the groin as hard as I could, breathing heavily as my past came to haunt me. I hated Yoongi for it, but right now I hated Jungkook more for bringing up that memory. He stumbled back in surprise, wincing at the pain.
“What the fuck?!” He gasped, standing upright surprisingly quickly. Most guys would have been on the floor.
“Don’t you dare touch me”, I warned, pointing at him. I was shaking, I think from anger and exhilaration more than anything else. I stayed there for two more minutes, watching him with a guarded expression. I knew the pain had subsided once his features relaxed.
I turned and grasped the door handle, having had enough of his crap already.
“You don’t get to just walk out.”
“I leave when I want to leave.”
“Like hell you do. You don’t leave until I say you can.” There was something in his voice that made me halt my movements. Like a slight panic.
“I’m not yours”, I began, my eyes flashing dangerously. “I’m not someone you can order around. You wanna reign someone in? Go control your whore of a girlfriend...
...When I started this whole thing, I had one godamn rule. One rule which your dumb ass self can’t fucking comprehend. What was that rule?”
He stepped up to me once more, but not aggressively so I didn’t counter it. “No strings attached”, he replied, avoiding my gaze..
“So why in the fuck did you get me here to basically call me a disloyal slut, when you know I can do what I do because I’m not in a relationship with any of you fuckers?”, I asked, glaring at him with hostile animosity.
“I was in a bad mood babe I’m sorry”, he mumbled, reaching out to stroke my hair. I slapped his hand away. “Seeing you with another guy...I’ve never seen that before. And you know how possessive I am...”, he trailed off.
He actually sounded so pathetically sad, that my eyes softened. “You should only be possessive with what’s yours”, I reminded him. There was an a vase type thing he kept next to his door and I jumped slightly when he kicked it in a sudden rage smashing it to pieces.
“Except she’s not mine either, is she!? She’d rather fuck a randomer she met at the club than me, any day of the week!”
“Jesus Christ Jungkook”, I kept my tone steady in an effort to calm him down, but my words had the opposite effect. “I tell you time and time again to leave her. Not out of spite, but because she’s wasting your time godamnit.”
He laughed bitterly. “I can’t. I love her.” My stomach churned when he said that. I don’t know why, but it did. Like everytime I heard the L-word I grimaced, but today that effect was amplified. Like someone had punched me in the stomach.
“You stupid son of a bitch”, I said softly. There was no anger in my voice as I watched a tear roll down his cheek. I never knew what to do when people cried, except for awkwardly pat them on the back. But this was an argument, and I’d be damned if I was going to cave just because of a few tears.
Jimin cried. Taehyung cried. But Jungkook? Jungkook never cried. “Stop it.” He looked at me, the intensity in his gaze almost overwhelming. “You think it’s all so easy don’t you?”
I cocked my eyebrow as a warning for him to shut the hell up. “Talking about relationships when yours obviously failed. Giving me advice when you couldn’t commit yourself.” I clenched my fists tightly and shut my eyes, trying to block out his words.
“You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know shit. So I suggest you keep your bullshit thoughts in that dense skull of yours”, I spat coldly. “
He snorted. “Here we go again, with the ‘don’t judge me, you don’t know my story’ shit. Well, enlighten me babe.”
“I’d rather slit my throat than have this conversation with you.”
He looked amused, all tears gone, which pissed me of further. “Do tell. Did he cheat? Aggressive? Alcoholic? All of the above?” I don’t know why he was doing it, but he was clearly trying to rile me up. I was starting to think coming here was a bad idea.
I always knew Jungkook would be the most difficult one. The three of them all went to my university, yet hardly knew each other. I knew Jimin and Taehyung pretty well, and had only got to know Jungkook in my last year- when he was still single. Even back then, his nature was unpredictable. But this relationship was taking a toll on his already erratic personality.
“Tell me and you can go.”
“I need your permission? No. I can leave right now, and if you want to have kids in the future, you’ll know better than to stop me”, I threatened. Why did he have the sudden urge to know about me? To him, I was y/n, the quick fuck when everything is his life wasn’t rosy. Why the hell did he want to know more?
“Please. I want to know about you babe. I’m always talking about my own problems, and I never ask about you.”
“Oh lay off Jungkook. Save me the pity party. My problems were in the past-yours are in the present. Sort your own fuck-ups out and let me deal with mine.”
“You’re not dealing with shit. Your coping mechanism is alternating between fucking three guys every week. And then for the rest of the time you’re a recluse in your home.”
“Well it’s still a better system than you have. Stay with a whore. Cry like a bitch when she fucks someone else. Then call me up an-”
I have to say I wasn’t expecting him to slap me. Over the years, I had trained myself to keep the tears in, so I didn’t cry in front of him, despite the dull throbbing and stinging sensation on my skin. He really was Yoongi 2.0.
But one slap was never enough with Yoongi. Oh no- he’d go the whole mile. And he would never have the look of regret on his face that Jungkook had right now. “Y/n I-i’m so sorry, I didn’t mean t-”
“Shut up Jungkook. I kicked you first. Now we’re even.” He looked confused for a second. Most girls would be crying and screaming in his face. But I had hit him first. Not to mention, a slap was nothing to me.
“I just...I just want you to open up to me. I want you to be happy.”
What a fucking psycho.Those 6 words triggered me like crazy. “I want you to be happy.” Those were the last words Min Yoongi ever got to say to me, before my weak ass self finally had the courage to walk out of the door.
“It’s over Yoongi. I’m done. We’re done.”
“What? No! Y/n, you can’t leave me! I only wanted to the best for you... I just wanted you to be happy.”
“You want me to be happy? Put a gun to my head and pull the damn trigger. At least then, I’ll be at peace.”
“You need help Jungkook. Serious help. I thought I could help you through this bad patch, but it’s making you crazy.” The stinging sensation in my cheek was slowly subsiding.
“Stop making this about me!” His sudden shouting had me impulsively step back a little, and I accidentally stepped on one of the vase shards, shattering it further.
“This is about you! Where the fuck is she?”, I asked suddenly. Him and his girlfriend had been eating only a couple of hours ago, and I was a bit surprised to see his text- I assumed they would be spending the whole day together.
“She got a text and fucked off saying she was busy”, he muttered, looking down at his feet. Pathetic.
My silence spoke volumes as I stared at him coldly. This was probably the longest conversation we had ever had, and all I had learned from it was that Jungkook was a colossal dick. I backed away slowly, and he looked up at me, helpless, defeated.
This was going nowhere. He was’t prepared to leave her, and it seemed to me that he was taking his anger out on her. “Call me when you have your shit together”, I spoke without emotion, turning to leave.
“Y/n, wait! I...”, he sighed, not wanting to finish his sentence. Or he was unable to- I couldn’t tell. Regardless, I didn’t glance back as I walked away from him and his bullshit. I wasn’t going to stay and console a bastard like that. He wanted to stay- he could deal with those consequences himself.
It was several hours later, and I was drunk out of my mind. Day had turned to dusk and I don’t know how much I had drank. My head was flopped down on the kitchen counter, as I reminisced about past events , drinking straight from the bottle(s).
My phone buzzed once, and through my blurred vision, I could see Jimin had texted me. I would read it later, when sober. I was angry. Angry because my life was shit. Angry because I was fucked up. So so cold. I would never be in a proper stable relationship again.
I was annoyed. Annoyed at Jungkook pointless adamancy. Annoyed that he would stay with her despite the countless times she fucked him over. And despite the fact that he wasn’t loyal himself.
I was hurting. Yet another man had laid a hand on me. I’m not even ashamed to admit that no matter how stoic I was in front of Jungkook, once I got home I bawled my eyes out and reached for something to take the pain away- but instead I was feeling even more depressed.
I was bitter. Despite the fact that Jungkook was in the single most shittiest relationship I had ever seen outside of my own, he still felt love. He still loved that bitch- and that was beyond me.
My phone buzzed continuously, and through my stupor, it took me a minute to realise someone was calling me. I picked it up and swiped to answer, not bothering to look at who it was.
“Y/n...hey. I was just calling to see if you were o-”
“-Well if it isn’t the boy who’s in love”, I slurred, recognising the voice as Jungkook’s.
“Y/n, are you drunk?”
I scoffed, not bothering to answer him. “Love sucks dick. Almost as good as I do”, I giggled, slapping the counter table, like I had just told the best joke ever.
“Y/n?! How much did you drink?Don’t do anything stupid, please.”
“What? Like kill myself? Wouldn’t give you the satisfaction babe”, I could barely understand what I was saying myself at this point.
“I’m coming over. Shit, where the hell do you live?” He had never been here, so he had no clue, even though it was only five minutes away from him.
“Nice try motherfucker. I’ll be damned if I tell you where I live”, I scoffed.
“Stop being stubborn!”, he ordered. He sounded genuinely worried.
“Why the fuck did you ring me?”, I asked, not remembering if he had told me or not.
“To check if you were ok, but clearly you’re not!”
“I’m fucking peachy, thanks dad”, I mocked, yawning, as my eyes started to feel heavy.
“Got to go, I’m exhausted. And I thought I told you to not call me until you had your shit together.”
Silence. I could hear his heavy breathing on the other end, but he wasn’t saying anything. I sighed. “Goodnight.” And hung up. I tossed the phone to the side, and flopped my head back down, between my arms, no longer able to keep my eyes open.
And I fell asleep, just like that, in a deep slumber, awaiting a bitch of a headache in the morning.
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"Love sucks dick, almost as good as I do"..I CAN'T😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
This is all just a mess, poor y/n is the center, and they're all going to hell in a hand basket 😂😂😂
*shakes head so many times* you guys just...*sigh* kookie you shoudnt have done that *sigh* just wow
Wtf Jungkook!! Major prick much?!! I can't believed you did that!😠😠 She's so broken😔 Drowning her pain in alcohol... to be numb and just not feel anything!
@MrsChanyeol LMAO 😂😂😂😂 my fave line in anything I've written
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