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I think my boys are showing us that they are working hard and that their comeback is drawing near. This is what I love the summer when my boys make their comeback.
I just hope that Gikwang is all better as he injured his arm while playing soccer. I swear this boys get injured more then anyone. but I could be wrong too. Who else is ready for B2ST comeback? I know that I am
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@Choijiah Right omg it was so heart breaking to find out that he was kick out
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@twistedPuppy 馃槩馃槶 I didn't know that I just thought he left.
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@Choijiah no they kick him out because he wanted to try different music but the group didn't want to try it and he wanted to do more update and mature music but since they had a big argument the company and member kick him out and he'll be doing a solo now
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@twistedPuppy I had a feeling that might have been the case. it's sad to know that the boys had an argument over changing their style of music. most likely it could have been Junhyung who was the one who who didn't like it.
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ready!!!! I seriously live for their comebacks.
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