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Resident Ken Bug Here!! Today I bring forth the many expressions of Our Loveable KenKen.

❧ I love facial Expressions, and Ken has some of the cutest, yet funniest expressions.

❧ His Pouty Face.

❧ I Most definitely am not one to fall for pouts (I have 2 nieces- pouts don't work), but his pout would definitely work on me!

❧ His Really Happy Smiley Expression



❧ His Ottokaji

♧♧ I definitely need to buy a shirt with his Ottokaji phrase on it

❧ His Aegyo


❧ His Grimacing, unhappy expression

☆☆ Pretty sure if he could be an emoji with this emotion, it'd be


❧ His alluring Expression.

{Excuse me yall while I go jump in the nearest ocean and swim to him, since he has me wrapped around his finger}

Love you all, and it's good to be back ♡♡


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@xoxorittie Yeassss!! I cannot get enough of Ken!!
can I have him please can he be mine?
@AimeeH me neither!! Everyone needs a bit of Ken in their lives.
@exolover101 Hehe absolutely dear!
@xoxorittie Yeasss! The world would be a much better place!!!