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Ello mates! Reporter Taemi here and I want to share with you guys some of my favorite kpop songs! Leggo!

1.) 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Sonyeondan) ~ Save Me

Everything about this song & mv is perfection! The dance, vocals, the beat and bars they spit! The whole package! Bangtan is so handsome too, my heartu.. I can't!

2.) NCT ~ The 7th Sense

Yass NCT is HOT! I love this song because the beat is so lit, the dance is beyond amazing out of this world, & the way they rap/sing is just awesome!

3.) Monsta X ~ Rush

This song gets me hype and makes me start dancing like a crazy person lol. Monsta X is a beast in this music industry!

4.) EXO Chen & Punch ~ Everytime

This song is so sweet and cute!! I love Chen's voice, it's like heaven to my ears! & Punch's voice is beautiful too! They should totally collab more. Anyway this song makes me happy!

5.) Jay Park ~ The Promise

This song is amazing. It's smooth and it's so R&B lol I love R&B music. Anyway Jay's voice is sexy and it's golden! This song have me in my feelings a little lol. I wish he would make more songs like this again.

Well that's all for now! Those are my top favorite 5 songs I been listening to a lot lately and of course will forever be my favorites. I wish I can put more but then that would take up most of the day lol. Do you guys like any of these songs? & What is your top 5 kpop jamz? Tell me in the comment section below!

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Reporter @parktaemi

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The promise is definitely one of my favorites !!