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Monsta X Wonho fanfic intertwining two beautifully chaotic lives.

Zadya, a maknae videographer's work consists of staying behind the sideline to showcase a artists/group's climax visually. Her main duty, to be their technical mascot. She's the mother making sure their talent is spread worldwide. Her latest task, is to help shoot Monsta X's latest music video. She's not only just a mascot to others, but never became her own, instead choosing to slip on her gold mask and wear the cloak of delusion.And with the traumatic event that happened years ago that still wraps its tentacles around her life, her mask is the only thing she can count on to protect her identity, while shoving others out. But her days of being behind the sidelines are put into halt, when Wonho, uttered his first words to her, "can you please hold my ramen? I have to pee. And no eating it while I'm gone. I know how many noodle strands are left." He was goofy, funny, and a bit on the cocky side, at least in public. But when the world wasn't watching his every move, he was the king of masquerade with doubt to keep him company at night. With freedom strict and words limited, he turned to ramen to listen, even though it would never reply, it offered comfort. And when he laid eyes on Zadya, he saw someone he could share a bowl of ramen, laughs, fears, stories, pain, and friendship with. He was determined that if he couldn't become his own hero, he could be hers. But will they realize that sometimes in life they have to be their own hero and that the only one that can save themselves is their reflection? This isn't a fairytale meets real life Cinderella story. And there are no princes or princesses(except princess jin of course) that can make one come to life with a kiss. This is simply a story about what it means to be human and the flaws of being flawlessly imperfect are what makes us who we are. And how two people join to expose their tattoos of ugly scars that cant be erased, but accept the dark beauty that lies underneath. A peek of a few chapters to come: "Can you please hold my ramen? I have to pee." "When I first met Minhyuk, I thought he was fourteen. I have a theory he's immortal. I swear, he never ages." " Before, I didn't have a name. But now when you look it up, the first thing that pops up are my abs. And I cant help but think is that all I'm known for?" "You can't come in if you didn't bring ramen." "Life begins after food." "There needs to be a holiday dedicated to cake where we get to have a day off and eat cake all day. Cus that's what I'm craving." "Morning sickness, weird food cravings, candy aisle sized baby bump, mood swings...don't tell me you're pregnant??? Mom will be upset with this scandal." "Can you hear it?" "Hear what?" "The sound of me punching you if you don't shut up."
Sketch from All In by Monsta X of Wonho I'm still trying to decide which to choose for a chapter cover. Decided to play with the original with a different approach and was too lazy to add color on his cloak so used some magazine clippings.
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