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I read the issue cause I heard alot of things going on about it! so I got curious and I read it and ummmm those last few pages made my jaw drop I was like nooooooOooooOooOooOooOoooOooOo!!! I'm not going to lie I know alot of people are mad about what happen in this issue but me i don't know I'm actually pretty excited for the next issue I want to know what's going to happen next! lol yes it's something unexpected but still maybe something really cool or awesome comes out of this.

Hail hydra!

We are not talking about this. I think even Chris Evans was Wtfin' when he got first on the issue
@LAVONYORK I'm actually excited for this lol this is issue was like a star wars moment lol when Aniken turned into the Dark side! I'm pretty sure they are going to explain way more lol this is just the first issue >:) so I'm pumped what's going to happen next!