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Genre: Angst, College AU (gdi i couldn’t avoid the fluff sorry)
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 2677 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 7/?
“Right!”, I announced clapping my hands together. Me, Jimin and Taehyung had agreed to meet in an empty classroom outside of school so we could plan this project out.
I was sat on the teachers desk, Jimin and Taehyung were sat on student desks, Jimin on the front row, and Taehyung a couple of rows back. The rest of the day had been peaceful, after my encounter with Taehyung- he hadn’t tried to speak to me after that.
It was actually me who texted him to say that we would be in this classroom after school and he should only come if he was going to do any work for it.
“So’re good at design work, so you wanna do the projects front cover? You can also do the synopsis and conclusion, so that’s a decent amount.” I knew Jimin well enough to know that he would actually enjoy doing that task, so I suggested he do it. His grin told me he’d happily oblige.
“Er..”, I said, flipping over the checklist we had been given, describing the allocated roles. “Taehyung”, I said, briefly looking up to meet his dark eyes, before looking back down at the list. “You wanna do...abstract and introduction?” They were easy roles, and I was sure even he wouldn’t mess them up.
He seemed to know that too. He scoffed at my suggestion. “That’s it? That’s all I’m getting?” Me and Jimin exchanged glances. He was asking for more work?
“Well...what do you want to do?”
“I want to do method. Also, I want to be in charge of design.” Method was the second biggest section. And this was Taehyung. I was confused, but wanted to avoid any petty argument.I looked at Jimin. “You alright with that?”
Jimin just nodded. Honestly, we didn’t give a shit what tasks we were doing as long as we got it done quickly. Taehyung’s phone suddenly started ringing, making us jump. I frowned. He was at school, why wasn’t it on silent? He just sauntered out, answering it halfway across the classroom.
“Hey babe.”
My teeth automatically clenched. He was so sleazy. We heard his voice get further and nearer, then further again as he paced the corridor. I could bet my glasses, he was talking to Sooyoung. Not that I cared, of course.
“I heard a couple of girls earlier, when I was with the boys”, Jimin spoke in a low voice, as soon as Taehyung left the room. I looked at him questioningly. “They said they saw you in the corridor with Taehyung earlier. The conversation looked intense apparently.”
I faked a laugh. “They were probably looking for something to gossip about. After you left me, he caught up with me to ask if I was annoyed that he was working with us.”
“And what’d you say?”
“What do you think?”, I grinned. I felt bad about hiding the truth from Jimin, but it was just too cringe to bring up. And Jimin didn’t know about what happened on Saturday either. He snorted.
Then out of nowhere he asked, “Would you date him if he asked you?” I stared at Jimin until I realised that he was being serious. “Would I date Kim Taehyung? That ass-hat? Jimin, are you out of your mind? First off, I’m pretty sure I’m not his type, and secondly, I’m not even exaggerating when I say I’d rather date a dog.”
Jimin doubled over laughing. “What..? A dog!” I laughed with him. “Keep your voice down!”, I hissed. “And yes, a dog. At least I’d be sure I’m dating something loyal.”
“Damn y/n”, Jimin chuckled, shaking his head. He was about to speak, when Taehyung walked in. “Where were we?”
As soon as he sat back where he was before I knew something was off. The vein in his temple was bulging more than what was deemed healthy, and his eyes were really dark. Like...practically black. He gripped the edge of the desk he was sat on to the point where his knuckles had gone white. And on top of all that he had gone a slight shade of red.
Either that phone call had got him super mad or...or he had just heard everything I had said. Well, good. If he knew what I thought of him, maybe he would leave me alone.
“Err...where were we?”, Jimin repeated, looking at me. I rolled my eyes at their terrible memories. “So we’ve allocated the roles now, and we could actually get in done in a week because there’s three of us. I think instead of doing a study session this Saturday, we should all meet and finish this off.”
Jimin nodded and Taehyung stiffened. He still looked really angry. I decided to tread carefully. “...If that’s alright with you Taehyung.”
“That’s fine. We should meet at mine cus you both know where I live.” Me and Jimin both simultaneously muttered ‘yeah’ and ‘good idea’.
“So that’s it! Sorted!”, Jimin announced, grabbing his bag. I was about to follow his lead and get out of there, but Taehyung’s voice stopped me. “Y/n can I have a word alone? I need to know the rough word counts for each section of the project. So I know how long to spend on it.” He turned to Jimin. “You don’t have to wait. She’ll get home safe.”
Jimin cocked his eyebrow at me at an angle that Taehyung couldn’t see at, and I knew what he was thinking. I just subtly shook my head at him. Taehyung was really making it look like we were friends- or worse, that we were going out.
“See ya y/n. Text me when you get home.” I was silently willing him not to leave, but could only watch in despair as the door shut behind him. I kept my eyes glued to the ground as I heard Taehyung slowly move closer.
Maybe he had asked me that question genuinely? I knew this wasn’t likely, but I still gave it a shot, still not looking up to him. “So the word count for the introduction is roughly-”
“So you’d rather date a dog, huh?”
I froze, as I shut my eyes, and exhaled shakily. He had heard me. I was the reason he was so angry.
“Guess that’s fitting, seeing as you’re a bitch.” My eyes flew open at the harsh word.
“If telling the truth makes me a bitch, then so be it”, I replied, walking away to see if I could catch up with Jimin. But he got to the door before me.
“You actually meant it?” He couldn’t mask the disbelief in his voice. “Why the hell do you care Taehyung?” He was giving me a headache. I mean, he had literally just called me a bitch.
“I care because I just turned down a date to ask you out, only to overhear that you’d rather date a fucking dog!” He yelled, throwing his hands in the air. My vice-like grip loosened on my backpack.
“Wait, what?”
“Nothing. Never mind. Just leave.” He was shaking his head at me, like I was the most stupid person he had ever had the displeasure of talking to. I felt...well, guilty. And also a warmth spread through me, when he told me he was about to ask me out- and I hated it. I hated that I liked him.
I didn’t know what to say, so instead of awkwardly standing there, I silently started making my way to the door. He stepped aside to let me through, not even looking at my face. But before I left, I tried to set things straight.
“I’m sorry”, I whispered. He looked at me, and his eyes softened. I probably looked like I was about to cry. It was laughable, it really was. The small nerdy schoolgirl who would pick a verbal fight with anyone and win, was about to be reduced to tears. By Kim Taehyung. The very boy she couldn’t stand. Or at least that’s what I told myself.
But the building was creepy when it was empty, so I decided to leave as quick as I could. I plugged in my earphones and lost myself in the music, trying to speed-walk off the premises. Trying to forget that conversation ever happened.
I was off campus when my backpack was yanked backwards, and I shrieked in surprise, pulling my earphones out to comprehend what was happening. As I whirled around, my face was squished against someone’s chest. Taehyung.
I tried to pull away but his hug was too tight. “I’m sorry too. That was uncalled for.” I pulled a face, not that he could see. This was so cheesy, and not like Taehyung at all. “You’re forgiven”, I mumbled, my heart rate subsiding from the sudden shock he gave me.
He let go, and started walking beside me. Our hands kept brushing against each other, but to my relief, he didn’t hold it. There was like a whole two minutes when neither of us spoke, and I just kept wrapping and unwrapping the earphones around my phone, wishing the ground would just open up and swallow me up.
“You know, for a smart person, you really are stupid”, he said finally.
“I’m stupid? Kim Taehyung, i am tutoring your ass so don’t go calling me st-”
“-That’s not what I meant”, he cut me off once more. “What I meant is, I practically confessed to you on Saturday and you still didn’t get it.” My eyes widened, as I stared at the pavement.
“What do you mean, you confessed?” He didn’t confess. He never did that. My memory wasn’t that bad.
“I asked you what you were doing to me. That’s basically confessing.”, I gaped at how confidently he spoke about this. “Not to mention, the second time was you who kissed me.”
I felt my cheeks heat up at the memory. “Shut up”, I muttered out of embarrassment. He ignored me and continued. “I invited you to my party. I told our teacher that I want you to tutor me every Saturday. I even joined your group for this stupid project. How much more direct can I be?”
See, I knew all that already. But I had intentionally ignored him, because every time I saw him, he would be flirting with another girl. So I just made the assumption that he led everyone on- which wasn’t a lie. But his words still didn’t sink in until I heard what he said next.
“You’re driving me mental.”
“I’m not driving you anywhere, you’re already there”, I replied, as a bad attempt to lighten the mood.
He halted me mid-step, by stopping right in front of me. "Taehyung...?”
“I like you y/n. There I said it. Do you get it now? Or do I need to explain using equations and formulae?”
I suddenly felt very warm. My brain went haywire. WhatdoIdo?WhatdoIdo?WhatdoI-
“Wow erm”, I cleared my throat, and he looked at me expectantly. “ you too, Taehyung.”
His smile was so genuine, that I smiled too. And with that we walked on, the deep unsettling feeling that had been nestling in my stomach, ebbing away with every step I took.
“WHAT?!” Jimin shrieked. I took the phone away from my ear, grimacing at the volume. “What happened to the whole ‘dog’ analogy? Y/n have you lost your mind?”
There was silence from my end. I didn’t know how to explain to Jimin. How to put into words that the boy I couldn’t stand since the moment I met him, liked me, and despite all the odds, I actually reciprocated those feelings? Even as I thought about it, it sounded mad.
“Y/n, you now what he’s like....What if he hurts you? And what about Sooyoung?” I gritted my teeth at the mention of her name. “Look, he is far from perfect”, I replied, and Jimin snorted at my response.
“But, if he plays around, or gets involved with another girl, I’ll never talk to him again. Simple as.”
“Y/n, you’re way too innocent for your own good”, he sighed.
I frowned. “What do you mean?”
“He’s going to completely brush you off at school...didn’t you realise? How can he be seen with the ‘Nerd’, he so lovingly labelled?” His voice was dripping with sarcasm, but I knew he was right.
Even now, Taehyung only approached me when no one was around. Like in an empty corridor. I sighed, realising that I should have thought this through a little more.
“One chance Jimin. That’s all he’s getting.” Jimin had to go shortly after, because his parents were going to call him soon, so I was left with my own thoughts.
Jimin was rght. Taehyung didn’t earn the title of ‘fuckboy’ for nothing. I was worried, yes. But at the same time I couldn’t help thinking that the Nerd had got lucky for once. After all, Taehyung was extremely good looking.
Would he continue sleeping around? Would he continue to not give a shit? Only time would tell.
Taehyung didn’t show up to school the next day. His text said something about being ill. But the day after? That was a whole other ball game. I was sat talking to Jimin, and to my dismay, Hoseok, when Taehyung appeared out of nowhere.
“Yo Tae”, Hoseok greeted. Jimin was sat next to me, so Taehyung sat next to Hoseok, opposite me.He completely ignored the guys and asked, “You wanna come round to mine after school?” I noticed he was speaking really quietly, like he wanted no one else to hear him.
“Why?”, I asked, genuinely curious. “You need extra help tutoring?” Hoseok hid his face with his hands, and I could feel Jimin’s shoulders shaking from silent laughter. “No princess, I meant to hang out.”
I stared at him. Princess? Who the hell was he calling ‘princess’? “Er...sure thing. Prince.” Both boys next to us were spluttering and going red in the face after I called Taehyung ‘prince’, but miraculously, he still managed to ignore them.
“I’ll see you there.” With a wink, he was off. I turned to face Jimin and found he was already staring at me, still chuckling. “What?”
“Your first date”, he teased, making hearts with his hands. “Oh shut it Park Jimin”, I laughed. It wasn’t a date. Taehyung had asked to ‘hang’. That wasn’t the same as a date, right?
Hoseok looked a little more serious. “You do know what your getting into?” I rolled my eyes, thinking he was joking. Everything Hoseok said sounded so sarky.
“No seriously y/n.” I became serious instantly. He never addressed me by my name. Ever. “He will get bored of you and drop you without a second thought.”
“How do you know? You dated him?”, I teased. He cracked the tiniest of smiled, but as much as I didn’t want to dwell on it, I could tell he was serious. But like I chance was all I was going to give.
I knocked on Taehyung’s door, turning up as agreed. I had gone home, dropped off my things, and made an attempt to look halfway decent. Jimin, as always whenever I went out- had advised me to lose the glasses, and as always, I had refused.
He opened it and smiled. “Hey beautiful.” I returned the greeting with a smile. I don’t thing anyone, least of all Taehyung had ever called me beautiful before. It wasn’t a word one would associate with me.
Trust me to ruin the moment by saying, “We should really be working on the project instead of ‘hanging’ out you know.” He chuckled at my remark. “Wow you guys are slow. My bits are already done.”
My jaw dropped. “You what? You’re done?!” He nodded. “Did it yesterday when I was ill.” I stared. Kim Taehyung had completed his share of the work- and before me. I was...amazed. “Wow.”
As I sat down next to him, all I could think was maybe Taehyung wasn’t as bad as I thought.
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Yeah cant trust Taehyung mostly since this is an angst lol
He isn't bad NOW but watch, bet that next chapter, he's gonna fuck up and BOOM break-up, then he'll apologize and she'll forgive him -_-
You got one chance boy...don't blow it! But why do I have this stinking suspicion that he's gonna blow it royally?!!
ooo honey are we in for a ride XD Good Luck
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