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I lay me down to sleep pray the Lord my soul to keep knowing if I don't wake my momma gonna weep looks like it's time to sweep this Ol house of mine stop trying to act like I'm fine I'm terrified out my mind wondering where I'm going next then I hear the text... (bridge) sometimes all we need... is an I love you to see us through.. (chorus) I lost so many people since I came to the steeple cause when they see you come up it's like poison in their cup.. cup cause we happy just living in the dirt don't wanna have to face the hurt.. (verse 2) feels like I'm alone all on my own who would have guessed I'd start WW3 looks like it's them vs me so mama please remember to say a prayer when I sleep in my social lair heh yea..killing them with kindness just trying to survive my spiritual blindness.. (bridge) (chorus)