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Somehow I manage to find more quotes. I thought they were all pretty good and interesting. Hope u enjoy it and now I'm gonna stop talking so u don't have to read this any longer. ANIME/PV USED: 1. PV: Tokyo Summer Session 2. Nisekoi 3. Naruto 4. Golden Time 5. Mekucity 6. Your Lie In April 7. Kyoukai no Kanata 8. Musaigen no Phantom World 9. Kiznaiver 10. Accel World
YAY U HAVE REACHED THE END!!! I hope u enjoy this, and if u would like daily updates of anime quotes, u can follow my collections my clicking my username below or just find it below in the collection section. Thanks for reafing, bye bye. ANIME/PV USED: 1. Another 2. PV: Feeling Thief 3. Future Diary 4. Oregairu 5. Angel Beats 6. Musaigen no Phantom World 7. Naruto 8. Naruto 9. Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Sekatsu 10. Tokyo Ghoul
@nick2232 if u press edit, there should be a camera that shows up to the right of ur profile pic to ur collection. I hope I answered ur question properly.
how do you ad cover pics to your anime collection